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   Chapter 43 No.43

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"Yes, I suppose so – but I've never killed one of those either." Murphy told him.

"If you and everyone else who had a blaster over there hit that thing, how some it wasn't destroyed?"

"It must have armor sir." Murphy said, nodding slowly. "Pretty fucking incredible armor."

"Pretty fucking incredible armor, Sergeant." Joe Lofflin grinned. "So blasters won't work. We need something bigger."

"Yeah." The deflated marine sighed. Lofflin could see the man had been twisted through a wringer. "A torpedo would have no problem doing it, sir – but we can't squeeze the ship into those passages, and we can't just destroy that ship with the spares still aboard."

"You got anything bigger than blasters in the armory, Sergeant?"

"Bigger than blasters, sir? Hmmm." Murphy said, thinking. He mentally crossed out every energy weapon they had, as well as small arms. His face lit up at last. "Will a grenade launcher do the job?"

"Right – Murphy, I need you to do me a favor."

"For you, sir, anything."

"Go fetch me a fresh sidearm from the armory locker, a portascan – and a flashlight." He instructed calmly, watching the last of the survivors being herded in the direction of sickbay. "And a grenade launcher – one of those 'tank busters' I think you marines call them?"

"Yes, sir." Murphy nodded. "I know it – a tank buster."

"Right, one of those – a nice shiny one, with a full magazine. Armor piercing, H.E. – Armageddon kind of shit."

A look of puzzlement crossed Murphy's strained face.

"Now why the hell would you

side from the bigger opening in whatever's disrupting the transmatter, the one we chose as our arrival point last time – what other locations could you beam someone to?"

"Well… right about there, sir." Wentworth said, pointing at a spot on a level above the previous departure point. "But that's further away from the engineering complex, so you wouldn't want me to drop you there."

"No, it's perfect." Lofflin insisted. At least the thing wouldn't be lying in wait for him there – it would more likely be waiting for him somewhere else – like the place it last saw its quarry disappearing into thin air – or at the crates in the engine room. "Drop me there. Now find another one where you can pull me out again."

"Yes, sir – will this do?"

"Perfect." Lofflin nodded. "Now, while I'm over there, I want you to beam out our dead – use their Allenby markers to locate them. We don't want to leave them behind… and if it's watching it might attract that thing's attention, and give me a free hall pass to slip past it..."

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