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   Chapter 41 No.41

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"Well?" Lofflin asked Corporal Wentworth. She checked the console readout.

"The beacons have just gone live, sir."

"Well, what are you waiting for, Corporal?" Lofflin nodded. "Bring them over."

"Yes, sir."

Just the last crewmen were on their way – a mixed party of marines and entechs. Lofflin mentally berated the equipment for not being able to override whatever material was in the alien ship's hull that prevented the transmatter from pulling them out where they were! Dense alloys and shielding in the alien hull seemed to be responsible – they blocked the locking sensors and made this impossible. Machinery could be shifted safely in such cases – if it could be located and locked onto, as they were about to do with the crates – but not living tissue, because it might not be so alive when it arrived on the platform. In fact, there was a much higher risk of killing the remaining crewmen by shifting them out with the crates than there was by making them run the gauntlet of the alien war-droid called 'the Akx'!

The risks were just far too high, so Murphy and Billingham and their teams would have to trek all the way back up to the original arrival point! Harry arrived with a med-kit and two medtechs, just in case. A couple of security marines, wearing full body armor and carrying sweeplasers stood against the bulkhead across from the jump platform, also just in case. Two entechs had also arrived with anti-grav lifters to take the crates down to the engineering complex as soon as they arrived.

Lofflin nodded at Harry, who seemed reluctant to say much about the whole thing, not really being inclined to say 'I told you so'

fflin and the Doctor and his staff to herd them all off the platform and down to the sickbay.

A marine who'd dropped his blaster, equipment and duty jacket as soon as he stepped off the stage wandered aimlessly, seeming to be trying to clear his head. Dr. Collins was trying to be everywhere at once, shouting orders at everybody in general, his two medtechs trying to keep up.

"What happened, man?" Lofflin snapped at him.

"Something in the dark…" The man stammered. "It attacked… it must've known we were leaving... it was waiting for us... it was waiting! It must've known..."

The platform was clear again at last, and the medtechs herded the last of the arrivals out and down the corridor. Wentworth worked feverishly, wanting to get as many back per load as she could, but it was chaos. Life signs on the transmatter console were scrambling about, dropping off her map almost as fast as she locked onto them… Blasts of energy signaled blaster discharges, making things even more interesting. Then she began the last transfer.

"That's it sir." She reported. "That's all that's left."

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