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   Chapter 39 No.39

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A short uncomfortable silence followed.

"So it escaped and went on a killing spree… playing mind-games with the crew – who it saw as its prey. It started out quietly at first, slowly killing in small numbers, covering its tracks. It killed those who confronted it…" Lofflin summarized.

"Yes." Jessica added. "And being the warrior-culture they were, they went hunting for it, a suicide mission."

"Well, we know what happened after that." Lofflin concluded. "It killed them all. The destruct sequence was probably stopped by the thing itself – which is why we found the Captain's body on the bridge – trying to hold the wolf at bay." He rubbed his eyes again. It was becoming a habit lately. His imagination formed a mental image of the alien captain going down with his ship. How brave. How utterly pointless. Wasteful. "A last stand. How Bushido. Poor bastards."

"Joe. Commander." Jessica called to regain his attention. "All those freak accidents on the alien ship – and Pollard, now Neil…"

All the pieces of the puzzle were starting to slot together before his eyes! The door of the alien bridge that had been smashed open from the inside – click…the feelings of dread and fear felt by the search teams earlier – click… Bennett's anomalous brain activity readings – click... The deaths onboard the derelict that had been made to look like accidents – click. The alien's pet war-droid had escaped and killed them all – and was still somehow still loose on the ship after all this time! And now it was

us crew, it can anticipate and reason. It tricks its victims, and Dr. Collins believes it can even make them feel and see things that aren't really there."

"So we'll be careful." Murphy shrugged. Lofflin's claim sounded fantastic, unreal.

"Where are your people?"

"Mine are all here in the engineering complex." Billingham said.

"Good, and yours, Murphy?"

"Right here sir." Murphy added. "Most of us are too tired to go exploring further."

"Good, now get all your people together as quietly as possible and get to the beam-out point – no shouting or running… If it's watching, you don't want to force its hand into attacking you before it loses you for good!"

"Yes, sir!"

"And make sure nobody's missing or left behind!"

"Right, sir." Murphy answered.

"Lofflin!" Billingham inserted into their three-way conversation, "What do you want me to do about the last two crates of spares? Without a bio signature close to the cargo, the transmatter will never get a lock on them here!"

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