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   Chapter 37 No.37

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"What've we got, Harry?" Lofflin asked him.

"A puzzle, Joe." Said Harry.

"A puzzle? Why?" Lofflin snapped.

"See how the body's been flattened?" Harry said, pointing at the bottom of the body. "It's been partially pressed into the deck grid by the weight of the object that fell on him."

"Okay?" Lofflin nodded. "Makes sense to me – something that heavy would do that."

"Ah." Harry Collins smiled wryly, "But what caused these?"

Lofflin leaned closer to see what Collins was pointing at. There in the blood-soaked material of Neil's coverall, were four slashes that went right through to the body. Collins probed one of the slashes with a stylus, to show that the slash went right into the body.

"There're four of them." He told the astonished Lofflin, and indicated something on the display of his portascan. "And they go right through him from the front, not the back. And as you can see, there's nothing on that crate anyway that would account for them. It's smooth, nothing jagged sticking out."

"What are those, stab wounds?" Lofflin breathed. "Was he stabbed?"

"Slashed, actually." Harry corrected him. "Four times – or once with four blades."

"And then the crate fell on him?"

"Probably, or it was pushed over to fall on him." Harry suggested.

"But why? To hide the knife wounds? To cover it up?" Lofflin added.

"To make it look like an accident!" The

He said to Collins before heading back to the exit, "I'm looking forward to seeing your report on this as soon as convenient."

"Come on, people – time's a wasting!" He told the idle bystanders, who had given in to gravity and were now more like idle by-sitters. "Yes, I know this is terrible – but we can grieve later. But we have to work now so we can have a later to grieve in!"

The weary entechs lifted themselves off the deck, and moaning with discomfort and pain from stiff joints and sore muscles, began to head back to their respective tasks. Lofflin and a security marine started the now familiar walk back to the beam-out point in the corridor. Familiar or not, the walk seemed to take longer and longer each time, mainly due to creeping fatigue. He was glad for the escort, not just for the company, but also for the added security. He was beginning to accept that Harry's theory might hold a few valid points.

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