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   Chapter 36 No.36

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Vincent Neil wasn't a sloppy worker. He wasn't too efficient either, but he worked well. Like the others, he was tired and hungry and decided to eat his lunch ration seated on an empty crate beside the partially dismantled generator. The main chamber was deserted – the others had decided to rest elsewhere. He could hear their voices from the doorway some distance off. He was alone. He began to eat under the bright roof lighting, thinking of where he'd rather be. He had no inkling of the dark force that moved behind him.

* * *

I see in the darkness. All is as it was before. I activate mind wave generator. The mind waves – oh, the mind waves. Such terror they make the soft ones suffer. The wise ones said it would drive my victims mad before I could kill them. I was the ultimate achievement of their science. I, the Akx.

My joints have remained smooth and silent through the wait. My thermal sensors detect the soft warm things nearby. They are near the reflex furnaces. The chamber is silent. There is only one of them inside. The others are outside. Five near the other entrance. Irrelevant.

One is enough for now. It is light. I switch to light-scan. I will watch it die in full color. It is in front of me. I am behind it. There is a stack of large heavy objects near him. They will be useful. To fool them. I move behind the crates. Mind waves on 17% power.

It twitches nervously. It looks around. It is working. An unknown fear clutches at it. It puts down the material it is consuming and stands unsteadily. It feels fear. It looks around. I penetrate deep into its mind. I make it concentrate on the silence. It is oh, so silent.

I im

an entech had wandered off alone during a rest period – contrary to Lofflin's last orders, and had a stack of crates fall on him – with much the same result. Splat! By the time Lofflin arrived on the scene, escorted by Sgt. Murphy, Dr. Collins was already there, craning over the slightly flattened remains of Specialist entech Vince Neil, and looking it over with a portascan. The body lay sprawled on the deck grid in an alcove in the alien derelict's engineering complex, and with all the blood and guts that had sprayed in all directions, it looked awfully messy. Two large crates stood on the deck close to the body. One looked a little shabby – presumably on account of having fallen on the unfortunate Neil. One side – the side closest to the body, had an ugly red smear all over it. The rescuers – or those who'd rushed to help him, must've simply rolled it off the body. He couldn't imagine anyone surviving being crushed by something that heavy! The other entechs, four of them including Billingham, were standing around, looking somewhat shocked. A couple of security marines guarded the entrance.

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