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   Chapter 33 No.33

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"Will do sir – nice to get some good news for a change."

"Oh, and tell them to be careful." Lofflin added. "Accidents happen. Apparently."

Then he checked for the transmatter operator log, and found it in his inbox. He read through it carefully, checking for the list of names, transport times and actions – when they went over, what time they returned to Mordrake. He found Billingham's entries. Just one trip, there and back again. Lt. Commander Ralph Billingham, went over at six twenty one PM, returning to the ship at one thirty two AM. Pollard's death had been fixed at around two forty five… A chill ran through him as he realized what this meant. There were two killers.

* * *

Specialist Johnson had been wandering the corridors and ruined chambers of this ancient mausoleum of a ship for hours. A brief rest here and there and some hot meals ferried down by breathless courier helped, but quite honestly, he'd had enough. Anger had worked its way through him steadily since the ship took that damage four days ago. Having to face his impending demise because of somebody else's incompetence or foolhardiness was bad enough – but it was worse to sit and write out your Will and wonder if anybody you knew in your whole life and mattered to you would ever get to read it!

Then, the glimmer of hope – and being stuck with this crap assignment! To be told something like 'Go search through miles of tunnels for something that looks like this, only it won't look like this because it's made by aliens, see? Oh, and you should find it in their engine room. Should. Oh yeah – unless they were really alien about things like that, and kept their engine somewhere else.' There

, perhaps thanks to their time at med-school. He'd been examining the body of the unfortunate Specialist Pollard.

"Ugly." He kept muttering under his breath at intervals as he carefully dissected his eggs and toast. Followed by "Poor kid". Harry was taken aback by what he'd just heard Lofflin say.

"Say again?" He mumbled with a mouth full of food.

"I said; Ralph was here, Harry– on this ship when Pollard died."

Harry chewed on both concepts for a minute, the eggs and the problem.

"Looks like we have a problem!" Lofflin added.

"I've been thinking about this." Harry said eventually. "There are two probabilities."


"One: Billingham killed Blaine, and someone else killed Pollard, in which case you now have two killers."

"Uh-huh." Lofflin said, sipping strong coffee, and listening intently. "Or?"

"Or, two: somebody else killed both of them, and we were wrong, and Billingham is innocent."

Lofflin took a deep draught from his mug of coffee, and wished for once, that it contained a wee dram of something stronger, preferably made by people who used words like 'wee' and 'dram'.

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