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   Chapter 32 No.32

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Jessica Kinsley arrived a few minutes later. She looked tired, like everybody else did lately. She had a small cut on her forehead, which appeared to have almost healed up. Still, it didn't detract from her beauty. He knew some things about her. The fact that she was good at her job, which was something obscure in the science and surveying department, which probably meant she spend most of her time updating star charts or observing comets – or in this case, translation. He knew she spoke fluent Russian, French and German, and possibly even Ruminarii, maybe with a slight accent. The last time he actually had a conversation with her she was trying her hand – er, tongue – at Japanese. That was a few years ago, when she'd taken something of an interest in him – more than just a professional interest – and that didn't really work out because she wasn't his type, not exactly.

"Hi." She greeted. He wasn't sure he really wanted to talk to her, but he supposed there wasn't really any way around it. Besides, civility cost nothing – at least, so he hoped.

"Hi." He said, directing her to his sofa. "Have a seat."

"I just heard about Pollard." She said sitting down. "Poor kid."

"Yeah." Lofflin concurred. "Nothing travels faster than bad news – speaking of which, let's have it."

The pleasantries over with, they jumped right into the translated alien data. Jessica had brought a notebook with her and proceeded to show him what she had worked through so far.









sually. "You're quite good at this."

"Only when they're saying something I want to hear." He said dismissively. "What about the rest of the data, the ship's log, other data banks..."

"We got it all – their computer memory core is remarkably intact, it's just not translated; the computer hasn't identified enough of the language yet. Another two or three hours... maybe a few days."

"We don't have a few more days." Lofflin reminded her in a tone that suggested his mind was elsewhere. "Thanks Jessica – let me know if you find anything useful."

Kinsley left, looking a little disappointed. Her perfume lingered long after the door closed behind her. Yawning tiredly, he went over to his desk and sank into his chair. It was a small matter to toss aside an article of uniform that covered the computer terminal. He took out his comlink and called the bridge.

"Please inform the search teams on the derelict that we've found a likely location for the engineering section, tell them it's on the fifteenth deck – the fourteenth one below the bridge level."

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