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   Chapter 25 No.25

Demonspawn By Christina Engela Characters: 5100

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Even though it was situated at the very back of the Sickbay complex, the morgue was one of the areas very few people ventured. Most of the time it was completely empty. Despite the heavy use it was receiving recently, people didn't often die in such quantities aboard the Mordrake. All the bays were currently full – with the largest locker, a small room itself, piled high with bodies of the crewmen killed in the ship's engagement with the Corsair ship.

He opened the nearest single drawer to see who was inside – Lt. Hewitt, former helmsman of the Mordrake. Cause of death, internal injuries, head trauma. Yes, he'd do. Harry used an EM scalpel to create a small incision in the late Mr. Hewitt's abdomen, and smiling grimly at the corpse, inserted the small storage device inside, wrapped in plastic. Then he used another medical appliance to seal the opening without a trace, as though it had never been. Harry patted the body on the shoulder with a latex-gloved hand.

"Keep that safe for me, would you, Mr. Hewitt?" He smiled.

* * *

It was rather late, ship's time, somewhere near what used to be called midnight back in the days when Lofflin could still remember what a sky looked like, with a sun and a few moons to light his way. Right now, Lofflin sat on what appeared to be an old drum of some kind, sipping at a mug of coffee, and having a rest. Murphy was talking to some of his marines off to one side. Ensign Bennett sat nearby, cross-legged on the deck and leaned against a bulkhead, staring into nothi

." He grinned back.

"We've been here twelve hours already. Better head on back to the ship, get something to eat, get some rest." Lofflin suggested.

Stupid! He chastised himself as the object of his affection got up and left with a polite 'see you back shipside, sir'. He'd been nearly caught out there! Then he chastised himself for sending Bennett away. Should have used the opportunity to get to know him better!

Lofflin had a good rapport with most of the crew, but especially those he worked closely with, like the bridge crew. He cursed himself again. He liked Dellon… Perhaps too much. Sooner or later he was going to overstep the boundary with someone and end up with his foot in his mouth – so why not him? Oh well, Lofflin consoled himself, they had just narrowly avoided a date with the abyss. Or had they? It wasn't over yet. Blaine was gone and he was acting-Captain now in his place. Hang the consequences! One part of him cried out. He didn't want to die alone! Especially not alone out here!

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