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   Chapter 24 No.24

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"Well, at least we know what that is, sir." Murphy smiled at him grimly. He grinned back, carefully replacing the thing on the deck, under the console where it wouldn't be stepped on. Then Lofflin took out his comlink and called the other teams to get their reports. Neither had found any sign of an engine, or an engine room as yet. One of the teams had reached the bottom of the stairs, but found nothing resembling an engine there either.

"Keep looking, Crewman." He said. Then he called the Mordrake again.

"Mordrake here, go ahead sir." Lt. Blige's sing-song voice sang cheerfully again in reply.

"Please note for the ship's log that the alien derelict's bridge has been found and identified, Lt." He said. "The search for the engineering section is still underway."

"Yes, sir."

"And Lieutenant, would you please tell Lt. Commander Billingham to get over here on the double?"

"Yes, sir."

"Also, please have the mess send over meal-packs and some hot coffee for the crew over here."

"Will do, sir."

About half an hour later, Lt. Commander Billingham and three of his entechs arrived on the derelict at the beam-in point, all laden with equipment. They met about fifteen others there, who were enjoying hot meal-packs and mugs of hot coffee. Murphy, who was just finishing up, briefly relayed some directions to the bridge to Billingham, before setting out with his team to continue searching elsewhere. Billingham grunted, and then he and two of his entechs headed off into the blackness to find the derelict's bridge. It took them about three quarters of an hour to reach the now deserted bridge via the stairs. Once there, the Chief Entech and his team set to work analyzing the alien equipment – and the point of th

silence. I have waited long. Very long. The silence has been broken. More have come.

* * *

Doctor Harry Collins, Space MD, had hidden away a copy of his medi-scans of the late Captain Blaine's body as it had been in situ in his cabin, as well as the detailed scans he'd taken of the crime scene earlier. Not wanting to take the risk of leaving it somewhere in the computer mainframe, where capable hands might find it and delete it, Harry chose instead to download it onto a crystal drive, which was physically small and easy to conceal. Of course, if the killer had turned to arson to cover up his tracks, that wouldn't put him above killing again for the same reason – and Harry didn't intend to have the data on his person if Death came knocking.

Like Lofflin, he too suspected someone in the entech department, and so he opted to hide it somewhere where most entechs wouldn't gain easy access to. That didn't leave too many options open to him, considering that most entechs – the mechanics of the Mordrake – had technical access to everything on the ship, so he went to the one place he knew an entech wouldn't specifically go looking… the morgue.

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