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   Chapter 22 No.22

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"I thought so too, sir – but then I catalogued our patterns and excluded them. It's not one of us. Probably a glitch."

"Probably a glitch." Lofflin repeated slowly, while evaluating the tingling sensation that had started to run up and down his body for at least the second time. At first he'd just put it down to the cold air in the ship… All this was getting to him just a little – and the lovely décor wasn't helping that much – possibly even fueling deep, buried superstitions about the dark and the dead. Brain waves? Without life? Impossible! Like the boy said, probably a glitch. Must be. What else could it be? Ghosts?

"Look, chaps" Lofflin said mustering the best fatherly common-sense tone he could, "I know this is a little weird, bodies all over the place, and an alien ship, and all the crap we've been through the last few days – but let's just get this over with, okay? I'll have the cook on duty make us all some nice frothy hot choc when we get back – my treat!"

There was a terse low chorus of 'Yessirs'.

"These people died a long, long time ago – obviously whoever killed them must also have died long, long ago. No more ghost stories, now, okay?"

Another unenthusiastic chorus followed.

"All right!" He said in a louder tone. "Let's wrap this up – try to find a bridge or command center or something! Or better yet, find me an engine room!"

The next three hours were strenuous but uneventful to say the least. Having determined that the derelict ship was more or less safe to explore,

aft side bulkhead, sir." Mallet continued. "Most of the bulkhead was on fire when we got inside... and the small table and chairs that stood against it, the coffee table and most of the carpet in that area. I had to vent the atmosphere to put it out."

"Thank you, Specialist – please include your scans in your report."

"Yes, sir, I will!"

"Would you please put me through to Dr. Collins?"

"Dr. Collins."

"Did you hear about the fire in Blaine's cabin, Doctor?" Lofflin asked.

"I just did a few minutes ago – one of my nurses told me."

"Was anyone hurt?"

"No, nobody to my knowledge."

"It seems a little coincidental, don't you think?"

"Very." Said Harry cynically.

"I just wanted to make sure you saved a back-up copy of your scans of Blaine's autopsy and crime scene scans somewhere safe."

"Well, not yet, but I will right now, Joe!"

"Good, Harry." Lofflin sighed. "Looks like someone's trying to cover his ass by destroying evidence. Better make it a good hiding place."

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