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   Chapter 20 No.20

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They moved on, the two groups heading in opposite directions, flashlights and portascans out. Bennett held his portascan and smiled grimly, feeling the reassuring pressure of the sidearm in his hip holster. The Sanjan SJ-10 was a high yield energy weapon, the standard side arm of the Imperial armed services. He, like the others, hoped he wouldn't need it. The footsteps of the other party faded around the bend until they could no longer be heard.

"Let's go do it to them before they do it to us!" Specialist Mullany murmured half to himself as the three of them advanced cautiously along the corridor. Bennett, eager young man that he was, was already scanning everything around them.

"Bennett, give me any data you get as it comes – don't wait until it's too late."

"Okay." Bennett replied, adjusting the field scan of the instrument. "Um, Sir. Other than a few lights, I see no energy points on this deck. Nothing on bioscan, not even insects."

"Lemme guess – mal factor zero?"

"Yes, sir."

It wasn't too difficult to believe, though, was it? There was nothing here to live on after all. If everything was dead, and consumed, then even the microbes had to die.

"No life readings at all – other than us, " Bennett said as the group entered the dim light of the energy tube hanging from the ceiling. Lofflin reached out and touched it. It was cold, and gave off no warmth at all. The white light spilled onto the opposite wall, near where another corridor turned off in another direction, presumably towards the center of the ship. A girder, also hanging from

led in the same way? Was it because of his over-active imagination that he now felt as if he was being watched from the shadows – by something unnatural, possibly even something evil?

The hackles had risen on the back of his neck. That made him tense, and what was worse, the others seemed to be ex-periencing the same feelings. Malevolence factor zero, the words looped inside his head. He was growing tired of that phrase... it sounded like a challenge – or an invitation... He actually jumped when his comlink beeped. Was it twenty minutes already?


"Sgt. Murphy here, sir. We've found a couple of bodies – this whole section of the corridor's full of them, also a whole room full to the side is littered with them."

"Do they look Human to you, Sergeant?" He asked.

"Hard to say by sight, but the scans say so sir. They seem Human enough, at first glance anyway – male and female, judging by the armor." Murphy replied. "At least, I couldn't imagine why a male alien'd be wearing a breastplate with – well, breasts on it, sir."

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