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   Chapter 19 No.19

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"Will do, sir."

The bridge was returning to a form of order. A look of puzzlement came over Emiira's face as she studied her further scans on the derelict. Lofflin turned round to see her apparently double checking something.

"What is it?"

She seemed to disbelieve the information the computer was putting on the display. Curious, he went to her.

"What is it, Emiira?" He asked.

"You're not going to believe this, sir, " she almost whispered in a tone of near disbelief. "Dating estimates that vessel to be between…" she glanced at him again, dramatically "Six and six thousand five hundred years old!"

Lofflin swallowed his skepticism. It looked the part, after all.

"You sure?"

"Well, I've no reason to doubt the sensors on this, Commander." She said, again reading off her monitor. "The hull consists of a three-way collibrium – steel – ceramic alloy. It looks like very tough stuff."

"Anything on those energy readings?"

"No sir, whatever it is, it's far below anything necessary to power any known weapons or propulsion machinery. Power output is slightly less than 1.5 dynes. Anyway, some of the ship appears to be unpressurized, and open to space. Air could have leaked out through the breaches in the hull. Much of the ship seems to be protected by some kind of substance in the hull that our sensors can't penetrate. I still haven't located the bridge or power plant."

"What about the airlocks? I suppose it's too much to expect them to be compatible to our docking clamps?"

"No, sir, their docking clamps are totally incompatible – but the transmatter can penetrate some of the s

and cast weird shadows on the walls – which were covered with grime and dust and ugly smears that looked suspiciously like blood. Unidentifiable debris of a wide variety lay scattered on the dust-covered floor.

The corridor seemed to follow the shape of the outer hull, and curved slightly, disappearing at both visible ends. Another dim light hung from a power cable, half ripped from its casing, at the far end of the corridor. The other end behind them was in total blackness. They probed the blackness beyond with their flashlights. They only saw more of the same.

"Looks like a little bit of hell broke loose here!" Murphy remarked in a raspy voice.

"Lucky we missed it!" Said Bennett eagerly. "By about a million years!"

"Yeah. Six thousand." Lofflin said thoughtfully, adding "let's hope so" under his breath, before continuing, "Bennett, Mullany, come with me. The rest of you go that way, " He said pointing at the darker side. "We should meet at the other side of the ship if this corridor goes all the way round. Contact us every 20 minutes. Just in case."

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