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   Chapter 15 No.15

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Trouble was, Lofflin realized, Harry was quite correct. In the end, under the circumstances, the killer would die along with the rest of them… But then, nobody but he and Bennett knew about the chance they all might still have – and as tenuous as the evidence of the murder was, if the killer realized they weren't all going to die anymore, they would have a powerful motive to cover their tracks further, making their discovery even harder.

His thoughts dwelt to the derelict ship in Mordrake's path – it might hold within it hope for their rescue – it might yield components they could use to repair their own ship. It might even hold communications equipment they could adapt or repair to send an S.O.S. for help. Would the killer have still struck had he known this? Was it his fault for not telling the crew the 'good news'? Idiot! He chided himself. Blaine had been dead four hours already by the time Bennett had called him! The killer might not have cared about the consequences, thinking he was going to die soon anyway – but if he had to find out otherwise, Joe Lofflin was sure things would be different. The chances of finding the killer once the news was known, would be significantly less after the next eleven or so hours. Whatever they were going to do to catch him, they would have to move fast!

"If our killer is a senior officer, then it narrows it down to just four suspects." Lofflin postulated. "You, me, Murphy and Billingham. The rest are dead."

"Murphy's not an o

e entech exclaimed. "How? When?"

"Don't know." Murphy replied. "Captain's been locked up in there for days – wouldn't even let the cook bring food to him!"

"He'd been stabbed once – right between the shoulder-blades." Harry explained.

"Any suspects?" Billingham asked. "Who found the body?"

"I did." Lofflin said. "The door was locked from the inside, so I used my access code to get in, and found him that way."

"Did you do it?" Billingham asked, smiling. "Huh – Joey-boy? Did you finally grow a pair and give the old bastard what he asked for?"

"No!" Lofflin snapped. "Someone else had been there before me! If it were me, why would I call it in? …Why not just leave it quiet and not say anything? Nobody would've known about it since he'd locked himself in his room like a sulking teenager!"

"Look!" Said Harry loudly over the barrage of outcries, objections and expletives. "All we know is that someone else must have used a security code to get inside Blaine's cabin!"

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