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   Chapter 13 No.13

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"Sergeant Murphy here" A bored reply came, long seconds later. Lt. Commander Val Dorschech had been killed in the incident three days earlier – her neck broken in a fall. The rest of the security section's officers hadn't faired any better – a lieutenant and all three ensigns had been lost as well. Murphy was the highest-ranking security marine left.

"This is Lofflin. Are you alone?"

"Not exactly, sir. Me and the guys're um, playing a hand of poker."

"We need a secure line – no extra ears, please."

There was a short pause. A few voices were heard moaning in the background, and the sound of chairs scraping on the deck. Then Murphy returned.

"Okay sir, we're alone. Go ahead."

"Listen very carefully, " said Lofflin, his mind racing a few sentences ahead of himself. "I want you to make a note of the ship's time at this exact moment."

"14:35 exactly." Murphy said, a little puzzled, if not actually irritated. "What's this about, sir?"

"Right, now I want you and a marine – someone you trust implicitly, posted at the entrance to the corridor leading to the Captain's quarters. Nobody goes in without you notifying me first. And not a word of this to anybody who doesn't need to know."

"You planning a little mutiny, sir?" Murphy jibed. "It's a little late for that y'know. We're all due to die in a couple days anyway."

"No, damn it!" Lofflin snapped. "It'

aine had been sitting at the table as before when he died. Collins scanned the corpse with a medical scanner, and then another, taking readings simultaneously with both.

"You find him?" He asked. Lofflin nodded. "Like this?"

"Yuh." Lofflin nodded again.

"You didn't actually do it, did you?" He asked, and then grinned as an afterthought.

"No!" Lofflin cried out, shocked. "No, of course not!"

"That's okay, " Collins smiled at him. "I didn't think you had it in you anyway. To do something this cold-blooded. Still…"


"Can't say I'm sorry though. Or that he didn't really deserve it."

"That's not the point, Harry." Said Lofflin tiredly. "He was still the Captain."

"Hmm." Said Collins like a typical doctor, before adding: "And now you are."


"Nothing, nothing." Said Harry innocently. "You can relax, Joe – I know you didn't do it."

"You do?" He asked, puzzled. "How?"

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