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   Chapter 12 No.12

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"Readings seem to indicate a ship, sir – but…"

"Okay, I've got it!" Lofflin replied.

It seemed to be dead, cold – no indication of life at all. One thing was certain – if it was a ship, it offered them something... The possibility of a way out. Spare parts perhaps, maybe even a way to communicate with Tremaine colony? Salvation. Or at least a fighting chance!

Lofflin keyed in the visual sensors. The display showed a slightly fuzzy image of an artificial object he didn't quite recognize.

It was a ship all right, but the computer didn't recognize it either. The readings were a little… abnormal. Whatever it was, such an opportunity should not be missed.

"Let's see – our heading is… Okay, we should drift right past at about seven clicks distance. In… about twelve hours' time."


"Bennett, listen carefully… When we start getting close to that ship, within transmatter range, I want you to fire the braking thrusters – all stop." He ordered. "Helm to station-keeping. You got me?"


"What? You have somewhere else you want to be in the next twelve hours?" Lofflin smiled for the first time in days. It felt good!

"No sir – just don't know what – are we going to check it out?"

"Hell, yes!" He beamed, giving Bennett's shoulder a comradely slap. "Good work, Mr. Bennett! Good work!"

"Think we might be able to find parts there to get us home, sir?" The younger man asked.

"I think that's a distinct possibility!" Lofflin smiled. "I'm going to see the Captain

murdered Blaine!' The realization of it raced up and down the landscape of his mind. 'My gods! My gods! What the fuck?'

He turned away. What now? Get out! This looks damning – what if somebody saw me here? Wipe my prints off the door, the bottle, the key pad – my gods! The key code! The computer logs all their uses! It'll identify me! What now? But I've done nothing wrong! …But who did this?'

Lofflin forcibly calmed himself, as his thoughts became angry. Who did this?

Then he went over to the intercom panel by the door. As an afterthought, he pushed the door closed. It shut again with a gentle click. A frown crossed his face as he remembered the music. Under the circumstances it was just too much, so he went over to the table and turned the player off again. He went to the intercom in the wall beside the door, and pressed the appropriate key for security.

"Security." He croaked, and swallowed hard to steady his voice. He realized he was shaking. 'Pathetic', He thought angrily.

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