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   Chapter 11 No.11

Demonspawn By Christina Engela Characters: 5409

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- Storm Warriors were (slurp) racing up the steep craggy slopes to aid their evil master –


Disturbed, Lofflin flopped the book down on the table, and went to press a key on the intercom panel in the wall. The buzzer sounded like it really meant business. At least that was still working.

"Commander Lofflin?" a disembodied voice called. Lofflin leisurely returned to his seat to resume eating.

"Here (slurp)." He replied. "Go ahead."

"It's Ensign Bennett – on the bridge?"

"Yeah, I (slurp) remember you, Bennett. What is it?"

"Could you come up to the bridge, please sir?"

"Any particular reason, (slurp)?"

"It's simpler if you just come, sir."

"Okay (slurp). Be right up."

Ensign Bennett looked round from his station at the helm console when Lofflin arrived on the bridge. Apparently something had happened – he just hoped it was something interesting. The worst part about prolonged space travel was boredom – and that was something they didn't train you for. Aside from them, the bridge was deserted. Signs of the drama still remained. Blood still stained the weapons console where the unfortunate Whittacker had struck his head in the lurching impact of the Corsair torpedoes, dark red and dry.

"Yes, Bennett?" Lofflin began, "What's so hell-fired urgent?"

"Commander." The other man reported. "I have something on sensors, sir!"

"Oh really?" Lofflin asked cynically. "Let's have a look then."

Lofflin went over to the sensor station and had a look at the co-ordinates given by Bennett. The officer was young, inexperienced, practically fresh out of th

one in deep space, perhaps the dead remnants of former star systems themselves. Either way, most seemed only to exist solely to make the lives of deep space navigators more interesting.

Lofflin carefully looked for the promised artificial object… He keyed in signal boosters, and drew on his years of experience to refine the results displayed on the screen. Suddenly, an object seemed to drift into view on his readout, standing out from the other masses surrounding it, in that it was smooth and reflected more light. It was a bit off to port, where a cluster of astors must've hidden it from the sensor probes. It was just there, like it had somehow just slid into existence at that very spot. Maybe it had. Maybe that scared him, just a little, just thinking about it. All that aside, the readouts were – well, strange, but his experience told him all he needed to know. The kid was right – it was artificial. The scans of the object came back all screwy and the computer analysis looked even worse, but there was little doubt in his mind that it was a ship of some kind!

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