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   Chapter 8 No.8

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Lofflin studied Blaine. The man's eyes were hungry for the kill! He was losing it! He wanted it too badly to let it go – no matter what!

"Captain." Lofflin called. Blaine looked him in the eyes. "We can lose the ship if we keep this up. We're in no shape to take them on like this! It would be wiser to -"

"Commander Lofflin, shut up – or ship out!" Blaine snapped. His words had an edge to them, an edge that said compellingly, 'I'm the boss and you'll do what I say'. Their eyes met again in a burning stare that seemed to fry his retinas. Blaine then was a far cry from the broken derelict now the cabin.

"Captain!" Billingham's voice called urgently.

There was a sudden flurry of motion around them.

"Enemy firing torpedoes! Three – no, six!"

"Evasive maneuvers – now!"

Suddenly Mordrake was on the defensive, trying to evade six slam-torpedoes streaking towards them at high speed!

"Fire counter-measures! Now!" Blaine roared. Whittackers' displays lit up red. He looked up at the Captain, then at Lofflin, panic written all over his face.

"System failure!" He reported. "Counter-measures and torpedo launchers all off-line!"

Their unstable energy reserves were failing on them. If the torpedoes reached them, they might not have the power to deflect them or to withstand the blast. They were closing rapidly, Mordrake's evasive maneuver too slow and increasingly ineffective. Warning lights flashed chaotically on the weapons and helm consoles.

"Engineering!" Blaine shouted urgently into the com-panel. "Weapons are down

Lofflin picked up a cue, stroked its shiny surface idly, and then leaned over the table, aiming at the white ball. He tapped it casually. Without really aiming, it hit the 8 ball, sending them both into a corner. The 8-ball sank into the pocket. The white teetered on the edge before following it. Ironic. Lofflin grunted, then dropped the cue on the table and found a chair facing one of the small view ports that let the vast universe inside. Stars hung lifelessly in their velvet ocean of blackness, pale. As though it was drowning them.

"Commander?" A young man's voice called, emotionally dulled and filled with hopelessness. He went over to the com panel by the door.

"Yes, what is it?" He answered. The words were flat. There was no question mark in his voice.

"The crew's assembled on the shuttle deck as you asked, sir."

Ah yes, he thought. Time to face the music. A bloody funeral dirge.

"I'll be right there." He said. "You come down too – and all the bridge personnel." There was a slight uncomfortable pause.

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