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   Chapter 6 No.6

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By the time Lofflin arrived on the bridge, operations were already in full swing. The bridge crew were busy, checking their instruments, clearing for action. The main viewscreen still showed nothing but empty space ahead of them. Captain Blaine was sitting behind his command console, staring at it with intense concentration.

"Captain?" He called.

"Take a seat, Joe." Blaine said, glancing up at him. He took the seat beside him, and quickly checked his own computer display.

"A drill, Captain?" He asked.

Blaine somberly and silently motioned him to keep quiet. No such luck.

"Status Mr. Hewitt?"

What have we found?

"Not quite in sensor range yet, sir." The helmsman reported.

"Damn! How long still?"

"Thirty-seven seconds, sir."

"What's going on, Captain?" Lofflin queried. Blaine finally gave him his much valued attention.

"We were just passing Horner's World. Long range sensors detected a ship at extreme sensor range and we dropped out of warp to investigate."

"Do you think we've finally found a Corsair, sir?" he asked. Blaine nodded seriously.

"I hope so, Joe, " he said. "Three months in deep space and not a single contact. The ISS Montaine' had four contacts, the Clinton destroyed a Corsair a month ago – six ships have engaged hostiles out here

ut the Corsairs were smart, clever enemies. Heavy industrial lasers were potent weapons at close range, capable of penetrating cutting through thick hull plating like, well – like industrial lasers. The ships of the Black Fleet were extremely versatile – they fired black market acquired slam-torpedoes the same as theirs…when in season, or they could just sling car-sized iron-bearing 'roids at them with the same electromagnetic rail guns they used to launch the torpedoes. The end result was pretty much the same! The whole time, Lofflin remembered worrying about the state of the engines, how long the dicey ionization dampers would be able to handle the load of all the extra systems on the power grid operating at full power... Blaine's callous disregard for the risk involved didn't help matters much, and Lofflin had a mind to log a report on the matter.

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