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   Chapter 62 No.62

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5176

Updated: 2018-06-30 19:02

"Good morning!" He greeted, raising his voice to a level he felt sure everyone at the back could hear. "This is only day three of these trying times, and I congratulate you all on your volunteer spirit, and on your determination to be here! I'm proud to say that not one of the 1497 volunteers who signed up, has changed their minds yet, or left! This might be because you all know why we're here – because the Terran government on this colony has been overthrown by force – and our enemy is currently waging a war of terror and conducting a campaign of intended genocide and is indulging every measure of cruelty and depravity available to them!

Our enemy is sure of themselves – confident that they will not face any resistance or opposition on Deanna, and even so, they've cracked down very hard on every vestige of Terran government, on freedoms and on the liberties of civilians – including every one of us standing here right now! And yet, like me, you're still standing here right now!

Word has it that our enemy was imported by whoever is behind this little insurrection at great expense! That those fine, well dressed young, goose-stepping fighting machines lined Lupini Square while civilians were rounded up and loaded on trucks like slaughter-animals, and taken to a place they call Xanadu – to die! Word has it, they gave up their lives on other worlds to come here and upset things for the rest of us!"

As the General's gaze slowly shifted over the assembled troops, he took in their faces as they looked at him, listening with in

arty because of work, so that today my kids – wherever they are now – hate the sight of me! If I have any grandkids, they probably think or hope I'm already dead!

Now I'm 76 years old – my ears ring louder than my phone, I have arthritis in my joints, and I get up three times a night to take a piss – I tell you, fellas – old age is not for sissies!" He paused to chuckle, and to let that sink in, before continuing.

"What our enemy thinks they have is a 'will to fight'! They think soldiering is all about pointing blasters at kids and looking sharp in snappy uniforms! They're so good at scaring unarmed civilians and shooting little girls in the face that they think they're tough enough to fight anyone or anything!

They're good at being bullies – but what do they know about war? …Huh? What do they know that most of us haven't already tried very hard to forget? In those long nights, with your wife or you husband lying behind you – when you wake up from all the shooting, fighting, and screaming inside your head?"

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