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   Chapter 61 No.61

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"Ms. Grauffis." The General called her name softly. She lifted her eyes at him. "I would like to suggest bringing them here, to rest and recover – and to be safe? We can't just take them back to the cities – not before they've been liberated!"

"Of course." She replied, almost absently.

"Any of them who are fit enough and willing to volunteer to join us will be welcome of course!" Smythe added. "Ahem, right! After the liberation of the camp, any enemy prisoners will be interned at the same facility! Our forces will have to leave behind enough troops to guard them, while the main force will proceed to Fortitude, where we will stage an assault to liberate the city! In theory at least, once this has been accomplished, we will move on to each occupied city – San Fedora, and then Atro City, gathering supplies and adding to our ranks from liberated cities as we go!"

"What about air-support, General?" Landry asked. "I'm no military expert, but don't the fascists have ships in orbit? Three, I think?"

"Yes, sir – they do!" Smythe nodded. "However, thanks to Mr. Skooch and the crew of the Celeste, all three enemy ships have been damaged, enough to give us some advantage! However, I anticipate that some further covert action may be required to knock these ships out of commission completely before we attack the cities! The attack on the concentration camp may come as a surprise – any attacks after that, will not!"

As the discussion moved from overt military strategy toward the covert side, Marla felt eye turning to her.

"Ms. De Bris – over to you!" Landry said.

"Thank you, Governor!" Marla said, and smiled confidently. "Some of you don't kno

the Grauffis ranch. Now just shy of 1500, the volunteer Reserve Army – every man and woman present dressed in fresh new Starmarine fatigues from half a century before, came to attention at Sarge's command. Sarge, standing rigidly and upright to attention to the side of the formation, saluted.

General Smythe, who was standing a little distance away from the front ranks of the very large formation, returned the salute.

"Stand at ease!" Sarge shouted, and the formation obeyed. The fact that refresher training hadn't begun yet, and only about half of them had ever done that before, made the effect of it even more remarkable. General Smythe, who was also wearing a new set of uniform, looked at them proudly.

Smythe had been a career soldier all his adult life, and he'd been an officer for most of that period as well. He didn't like making speeches to people, but he didn't think much of it. He didn't get stage fright from public speaking – he just had a pretty good idea of what he wanted to achieve with the message he had inside, and how to steer his tongue to try to get there as best he could.

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