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   Chapter 60 No.60

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"Never!" Nurris shouted so hard in reply, that he and the chair he was taped to almost bounced under Carridene's hands. The distant screaming continued, while his tormentor remained so silent he couldn't even hear his breathing! Was the thing even alive? Did it breathe?

"Never!" He repeated, through clenched teeth.

A distant masculine voice came into earshot after a particularly hideous volley of screaming. "No more!" It cried. "No more! Please! Make it stop! Make it stoooohoohooohooooop!" It pleaded, before deteriorating into an incoherent torrent of distant, heartrending sobs.

"Well, " Carridene replied silkily, patting Nurris patronizingly on one extremely tense shoulder. "What's the hurry? We can enjoy the music together!"

Within another hour of this intense psychological ordeal, Nurris was nearly beside himself and hyperventilating! His heart rate was elevated, and the raised hackles and goose bumps that coursed over his exposed skin told him just what he wanted to know – that Nurris was about ready to do the same!

It made Vernon Carridene feel so deliciously deceptive, he admitted to himself – so devious and fiendishly clever! A menacing smile played on his lips, and went unseen as an A.I. program continued to play the sounds of virtual torture through the small sound generators hidden in the walls of the cell. No real damage had been done to the man – but he would eventually tell him everything the Vampire underground wanted to know regardless! He hadn't laid a hand on the prisoner – well, okay, figuratively speaking – but there had been no physical abuse, no electrocution, n

! The central location makes it easier for the enemy forces in all three cities to send prisoners to it! What little intelligence we've had about the camp suggests there are already more than 2500 prisoners, and only a few hundred camp guards – giving us a decided advantage, which er, leads me to another point. Mr. Skooch, would it be possible to use your ship as a troop carrier to land our forces near the camp on the day?"

"Well – um, the Celeste isn't mine!" Tim said, blushing. "It's actually the property of Mr. Deire, here!"

"Mr. Deire?"

"Garn!" Deire exclaimed. "Well, sure! We want to help – anythin' we can do!"

"Thank you!" Smythe smiled. "Excellent! Aside from being big enough to carry most of our troops and equipment to the conflict point, the camouflage your ship has will give us an added advantage of surprise!"

"Well, er – garn!" Deire blushed. "Don't mention it!"

"After a brief lay-over period at the concentration camp, all the freed prisoners will be transported to a safe place – again, using the Celeste – Mr. Deire?"

Deire nodded.

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