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   Chapter 59 No.59

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5199

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"That's my third shower since this morning!" The guard said, and gave him a menacingly fangy grin for his trouble. An instant later, the vampire guard seized him, and had his arms pinned behind his back. The guy was just so strong there was no way to resist! Looking round, he saw the other dragging the unconscious Brandon Carver lightly behind him by one foot as if he weighed no more than a blow-up doll.

"Inform the Council we've got prisoners!" Another guard told the squealing Yuriel Nurris's captor, who seemed to be trying to find out if he could wrap both of Nurris's arms around his abdomen and get them to meet again at the back.

"Yes sir!" The guard replied, followed by what sounded like the unconscious Carver's head bouncing softly off the corner of a steel desk as he was dragged past. The prisoners were taken down a dark stairwell, along a short, dark tunnel and into a small room where Nurris found himself quickly searched and stripped of weapons and other equipment before being duct-taped to a plastic chair in such a way that he could barely twitch without making another remote body part move as well. Then the guard left, taking away everything found on him that wasn't clothing. The door slammed shut behind him, and – alone and unable to tell how much time was passing in the near-darkness of the bare concrete room, Nurris began to think and fear the worst! He couldn't move! He couldn't even try to stand, because his legs had been secured to the chair legs with duct tape! Even his hands and elbows had been neatly taped to

one before?"

"My name is Yuriel Nurris!" Nurris shrieked, now nearly hysterical. Carridene smiled. He knew it wouldn't be much longer before the prisoner started singing like a canary. A very mad, very frightened canary, but sing he would sing! His left hand in his pocket, Vernon Carridene stopped behind the prisoner and stood there. Seconds later, the horrifying, blood-curdling sound of distant screaming resumed.

"What are you doing!" The prisoner protested. "Monster! What are you doing to them?"

Then, ever so slowly, Carridene silently placed both his hands on Nurris's shoulders, and rested them there, if only to remind him that someone he hated and feared was inside his personal space – and that he – Yuriel Nurris, had no control over it. None. The screams grew louder, agonizingly clearer.

"The same fate that awaits you, Mr. Nurris!" Carridene said genteelly, smiling an unseen smile. "You see, all men must die, eventually. Sooner, if they do not tell us everything we want to know about your organization!"

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