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   Chapter 58 No.58

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The camera panned and zoomed in on Sheila, who smiled broadly like she was in a toothpaste advert.

"Well, there you have it, folks! …Give McMillen and the D.S.L. a chance to make Deanna great again! Don't go away – we'll be right back after these important messages!"

"This is pretty scary shit!" Tim sighed as Dory muted the volume with the appliance remote. "Look, I know it's all propaganda – I mean, that's obvious, right?"

"Right." Deire, Bubba, Vic, Gary and Mei chorused.

"But, " Tim continued. "How will people in the cities watching this stuff see it? How many are gonna believe it?"

"They're subtly influencing people who don't know any better – or who don't want to know – to believe that everyone is siding with them." Mei explained. "The 'statistics', the 'opinion polls', the 'expert opinions' – it's all made up bullshit! It's an old technique – but effective!"

"It's frightening!" Gary Beck added, seriously. "It's true. These are very frightening times! A lot of people are going to buy this crap at face value – as truth – too many for my liking. But not enough to stop us from taking the world back from them!"

"This used to be a real nice place to visit an' lay over! It's a real shame this had t'go an' happen!" Deire muttered sadly. "You reckon there's gonna be enough left of it, mister Beck?"

"Yes." Gary nodded, a smile slowly spreading on his lips. "I do. I believe that. More than we know!"

* * *

Meanwhile, in Atro City, something very interesting had been happening in the bowels of a building known as 'the Blood Bank'. Brandon Carver, and Special Operations Squad 13 had very brazenly skipped up to the front door of the bui

ink!" Captain Nurris replied, leaning against the same large concrete pillar he was using for cover in the open-plan office cluttered with office cubicles, desks and impersonal office furniture. He reloaded his super-soaker with a fresh canister of holy water, and theatrically cocked the pump slide to engage it. "Ready?"

"Ready!" Said Carver firmly. On cue, the two of them charged round opposite sides of the pillar at a pair of waiting security guards, dressed in black fatigues similar to their own.

Carver fired his sonic pistol at the one nearest him. The guy ducked impressively quickly as the burst whooshed over his head – and rewarded him with a resounding high-speed sideways kick that sent him flying backwards, screaming across the room! Nurris's stream of holy water hit his target in the face. The vampire just stood there motionless as he desperately continued firi – er, squirting at him, until the weapon lost pressure. The last few drops just dribbled noisily down onto the carpet tiles. Clearly this holy water super-soaker business wasn't living up to their expectations and needed revising!

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