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   Chapter 57 No.57

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"Well, Sheila, " Vanion slowed, and paused to smile. "I would say that depends on what kind of person you are. If you're a law-abiding citizen of the new Republic, a person of good moral character, racially and spiritually pure, you have nothing to worry about. The Constitution of the Republic will be geared towards protecting good people from the bad! On the other hand, citizens will have rights, but perversions and morally unacceptable behaviors will not be protected or catered for! There will be no special rights for pedophiles and depraved sexual deviants on the new Deanna! If you're a non-human alien, a cleric or practicing adherent of any non-Christian religion, a sex-criminal or sexual deviant – or a political agitator, well – let's just say you're gonna find yourself dancing in a dark corner without any music!"

"I see. So, Mr. Vanion, do you believe that Chancellor McMillen and his new patriotic government is the right thing for Deanna at this time?"

"Yes, I do! The previous government was an obscene puppet show – with a puppet governor representing a tyrant light years away from us! It brought us all unhappiness, inequality and terrorism that resulted in the untimely and unfortunate death of Prince Justin! Governor Landry was corrupt, incompetent, weak, and vain! Do you know that under Landry, Deanna sent more than two thirds of its minerals and other produce to the Terran Empire, leaving honest, hard-working Deannans to struggle to survive on less than a third of everything they produced? That's not fair, is it? Expecting honest hard-working decent folks to support lazy, no-good, parasites and leeches light years away that did nothing to deserve it! Further – do you know what's become of ex-Governor Landry?"

"Er – no?" Sheila asked, "Has he been seen since the assas

down by politically correct snowflakes and imperialist puppets enforcing oppressive and unjust laws!

People just trying to do what's right and good and in keeping with decent Godly moral values, end up getting publicly flogged in social media by libtard snowflakes for offending some parasite's inhuman privilege!"

Sheila seemed to be nodding fiercely now, at the end of every other word, as Vanion's monologue escalated into a matinee performance.

"Sure, this is a delicate time!" Vanion continued, more calmly. "Yes, we don't all know McMillen – but you know what? Things are going to get better from here on out! Just give McMillen a chance! After all, he legitimately won power by overthrowing a corrupt foreign government based in the illegitimate control of a monarch situated on the other side of the galaxy! If you want to have things your own way again, go ahead and organize a revolution of your own! Remember, conservatives have lived for years and years under liberal rule, with liberals recklessly pushing tolerance of aliens, queer trash, tranny pedophiles and satanic multiculturalism on us, without us being able to complain about it! It's our turn now! McMillen won! Suck it up!"

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