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   Chapter 56 No.56

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5482

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"Dr. Vanion, just two days ago Deannans watched with disbelief, and perhaps understandable shock, as the Deannan Republican Army took control of their cities and the colony! How do you think Deannans should process this historic event?"

"I'm afraid that's a misconception that you pointed out right there, Sheila!" Vanion, a man around thirty and dressed in a fancy suit said, grandstanding from the very start. "People are under the false impression that some sort of military coup has taken place – but nothing could be further from the truth! The truth is that it wasn't a foreign army that came to Deanna to overthrow some kind of legitimate government – but what people saw on D.N.N. two days ago was the military wing of the Deannan Service League, stepping onto the public stage to defend the interests of the common working-class Deannan citizen!"

"If I understand you correctly, Dr. Vanion -"

"Please, call me Parker!" Vanion interjected, smiling.

"Alright…Parker… If I understand you correctly, the people who make up the Deannan Service League are locals – people who have lived on Deanna for some time?"

"Yes, that's absolutely 100% right, Sheila! General Clayne has gone on record – in yesterday's Atro City Times, I believe – to say that every member of the D.S.L. and the D.R.A. has lived on Deanna for at least two years – the generally accepted period required to register as a permanent resident of the previous colony, as I think you know?"

"Yes." Sheila nodded.

"And further, Clayne also pointed out that more than 50% of the D.S.L's members have been living on Deanna for 5 years or longer, with 90.5% o

e Deannan Service League were promoting up to the Revolution! He's as clean as a whistle – he's lived on Deanna for over two decades without getting so much as a parking ticket! The Republicans hold racial purity in high esteem, and he's of pure Eurocentric stock going back at least 12 generations, a formally registered life-time member of the Deannan Reformed Puritan Church…"

"So he's a Christian, then?"

"Absolutely!" The analyst went on, virtually singing McMillen's praises. "The previous colonial government made a mockery of justice and government by excluding God from the state! How can we conceivably hold onto morality, justice and good governance without having God in all those things? It's just not possible, and I've always said so! From now on – at least, according to the D.S.L. – the government will include references to God in seminal documents of state like a new Constitution and the Bill of Rights!"

"How do you see these changes affecting the ordinary people of Deanna? How will it affect you and me? Will we still have a constitution and a bill of rights?"

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