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   Chapter 55 No.55

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As expected, the news was pretty sparse and watered down, referring mostly to coverage of local crimes – referring to the troubling 'increase' in the rate of crimes committed by 'illegal immigrants' and aliens, and news about politicians and media celebrities. The highlight of the newscast seemed to be D.N.N's special report on the 'terrorist attack' at Deanna's space port the previous day. Apparently a couple of Jim-waian terrorists had shot a D.R.A. soldier in the city, and used a stolen military vehicle to enter the space port security area, after which they exchanged gunfire with security forces, hijacked a loderunner – and flew said stolen vessel into the space port terminal building in a desperate bid to escape justice. Apparently the ship was reported destroyed in the collision. There were no survivors.

"Hey – we made the news! We're 'terrorists'!" Triple-J, Deire and Bubba cheered enthusiastically, raising their glasses in the air with glee. It was general knowledge that there was no terrorist activity on Deanna – not by Jim-waians, or anyone else – at least, not until the fascists arrived and started killing people.

"Garrnn!" Deire added. "Ah always loved to destroy government property!" Bubba grinned at Timaset Skooch, who recognized propaganda when he saw it. But the show wasn't over just yet.

Visuals on the view screen showed the blazing ruin of the space port terminal building, half collapsed into a large mound of rubble.

A dodgy-looking, surly sort of man dressed in a familiar S.O.D. uniform – but one with unfamiliar badges and insignia on it, introduced as Atro City's new C

-evening news current affairs discussion was interrupted by the start of a regular social chat show called "Up Front" in its usual slot. A local guest political analyst was co-hosting the show with an unknown news anchor – a pretty blonde woman who spent a lot of time nodding and smiling at the camera and looking the audience in the eye as it were.

"Good evening, Deanna!" the woman beamed. "I'm Sheila Clark, standing in for Michelle Gantry, and welcome to 'Up Front'! Tonight we'll be talking to prominent local political analyst Dr. Parker Vanion about Deanna's change of government – and what it means to you, the Deannan citizen!"

Hmm. Gary nodded to himself, deep in thought. She was new, another fascist 'import' – perhaps an understudy at the news network that had been promoted up by D.N.N's new masters to fill the gap left by an absentee regular anchor who had mysteriously been taken ill, died, or gone missing. After the usual round of staged greetings between the host and the guest, Sheila settled back into her armchair to ask Parker Vanion some questions.

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