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   Chapter 53 No.53

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5044

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At night, crabby-grass became more active and began roaming across the plains, making soft rustling sounds as the little creatures foraged for bugs and mites in the grass – or in the cities, in and around garbage cans in alleys, and cleared rooftops of unwary pigeons.

In the towns and cities, shop and street lights turned on. Ha-ha birds still on the wing looked for good places to crash for the night – and did. In Atro City, The Plaza mall stayed open, resuming its usual routine. People who felt brave enough, or safe enough to still venture out under the occupation, visited pubs and restaurants. The occasional clusters of off-duty D.R.A. personnel dressed in neat uniforms and wearing forage caps made their appearance, and tried to mingle with locals – who understandably tended to shy away and avoided them.

Former SOD Jeepos, rebranded with "Atro City Police" decals on the doors cruised the streets, operated by D.R.A. replacements with law-enforcement training – and probably experience as well. Judging by the number of disturbances resulting from intimidation and unwanted advances from off-duty D.R.A. personnel, they were in for a busy first night on the job.

It is under these conditions – dressed like a SWAT team and kitted out to the nines with night-vision equipment, blasters, bandoleers of wooden stakes – and super-soakers filled with 'holy water' for good measure – that Special Operations Squad 13 hit the town in a black panel van, and very optimistically, went vampire huntin

checking if he still had a pulse. He did.

"Ahem." Landry resumed, trying to pretend none of that had just happened. "Now – uh…ahem! Er, Where were we, Ms. De Bris?"

"Now, as I was saying, " She continued, playing along. "My name is Marla de Bris, and I've come to see you on behalf of Deanna's Vampire Community, as an envoy of peace, to offer you and your people what assistance we can..."

"I…I didn't know we had a vampire community!" Said Smythe bluntly, his voice trembling slightly.

"Me either." Said Landry. "In fact, I didn't even know there were really vampires. I mean, outside of movies, series and such!"

"That's a common misconception." Marla smiled. "We tend to keep a low profile – for our own safety – however gentlemen I can assure you, we're quite real! We stopped hunting humans centuries ago, but even though mundanes have accepted the existence of aliens from other worlds, they might still have a hard time accepting that we also exist!"

"Mundanes?" Landry repeated.

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