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   Chapter 48 No.48

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 4933

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"Who's in charge o' this chicken-run?" Sarge asked Garfner.

"General Smythe." Said the old man simply. "He's inside with the Governor, discussin' strategy, sippin' tea an' nibblin' biscuits!"

"I remember 'im!" Sarge nodded, wiggling his cigar stub. "What's the situation? Is there a perimeter? Sentries?"

"Hell, I dunno!" Garfner clucked. "Since I got here we jus' been hangin' round, waitin'!"

"Okay." Sarge said resolutely, nodding. "Let's get this road on the show!"

Sarge left Garfner and walked up to the ranch house, and ascended the stairs up the porch, and went inside by the front door.

After taking directions from a lady in the kitchen who abruptly slammed a closet door shut, and introduced herself sharply as 'I'm Jenny Grauffis What The Hell D'you Want In Muh House?' Sarge arrived at the old dining room at the back of the Grauffis homestead – which had become the new meeting place for Governor Landry and Deanna's new government in exile.

General Smythe, newly appointed by the Governor as commander in chief of Deanna's loyalist militia, was seated beside Landry at the long family-sized dining table. They were strategizing over tea and biscuits – and an old paper tourist map of the Atro City-Skeggs Valley area which had been spread out on the table. They looked up as he entered and halted, holding a cigar-stub in his left hand.

"Sergeant Andersen reporting for duty, General sir!" He bellowed, straightening up.

"Good to see you,

or the crowd of volunteers to gather below the porch. It was a large crowd, by now numbering at least a thousand, and they filled the entire barnyard! Silence gradually fell while Sarge waited.

"Good afternoon!" Sarge greeted loudly, in the hope that everyone could hear him. "I'm Sergeant Andersen! Like you, I am a volunteer called to take up arms against an enemy who is so bold as to take up arms against us and the people we hold dear! It will be our job to do everything possible to make them regret it! It will be my job to do everything possible to ensure that you are able to do the aforementioned! Corporal Garfner – front and center!"

"Comin' Sarge!" Garfner called in reply from somewhere inside the many-faced crowd, followed by mutters of "scuse me, scuse me, scuse me!" before he emerged at the base of the stairs, climbed them, and halted beside Sarge. Sarge pointedly handed him the three ledgers, along with three styluses he had in one of his jacket pockets.

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