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   Chapter 46 No.46

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 4989

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A bulletin board on the wall was covered by, well – bulletins, but at the center of it, there was an A3 size poster of what looked like Count Dracula, slicked-back hair and high-collar cape and all. There were nine throwing darts lodged in it, and the words 'out for the count' were scrawled over it in red marker.

All that aside, the real reason Carver was so happy, was because Captain Yuriel Nurris had been assigned to him by the Chancellor himself, to begin hunting down Deanna's vampire infestation! It was the realization of a lifelong obsession to Carver, who'd dreamt of being a bona fide vampire hunter – just like Abraham Van Hellsing, ever since he was a little boy!

"Right!" Said Nurris, his nose-tip quivering as he stood to address the troopers at the gathering.

"This is Mr. Carver." Nurris said, pointing towards him. Carver raised a hand in greeting, noting a few smiles and nods in reply from the audience, which appeared to consist mostly of privates, two corporals, two sergeants, and two lieutenants.

"Mr. Carver is a special consultant on loan to us from the Chancellor! I have been informed that he's an expert in the field of vampire hunting, so he will be most welcome! Mr. Carver, this is Special Operations Squad 13 – specially formed to track, locate and capture or kill some of the more difficult to find deviants on Deanna, being of course, the local vampire population!"

Nurris, obviously long-winded, then went on to give a briefing, presumably more

about two liters when full! But two liters of what? As he turned it around in his hands, he noticed it appeared to have been painted black, rather crudely – and a liquid in the tank was sloshing about softly with the movement. The thing had no trigger, but seemed to operate with a pump-slide grip under the barrel!

"It looks like a super-soaker!" Carver noted.

"It is a super-soaker!" Nurris grinned.

"What's in the tank?" Carver asked. "Some kind of acid? To kill vampires?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes!" The other replied. "Holy water!"

"Holy w- …" Carver stammered. "Will…will that work?"

"But of course!" Nurris insisted, quite seriously. "How could holy water blessed by a servant of the Most High fail to incinerate a fiend from the very depths of Hell?"

A number of those in the audience grunted their support and agreement with Nurris, uttering a round of 'amens'. Carver looked in vain for any sign that they weren't actually serious. Any. Sign. There was none.

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