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   Chapter 43 No.43

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"Right, everyone!" Smythe called, regaining their attention. "Our ride's here – get your gear! All aboard!"

* * *

When Johnathan Scrooby, a long – er, time agent at the Time Saving Agency, explained his whole plan to Gary Beck and Cindy-Mei Winter, he put considerable emphasis on getting the details exactly right. This would save him having to fix any UTE's – that is, Unforeseen Time Events, or more plainly – screw-ups, by the time this was all over.

Gary Beck knew what was coming. He knew what the 'Anals of History' (not a misprint) said about these coming events. War was on its way. Soon there would be rumblings of it in the bars and basements and garden sheds on Deanna. Suddenly, separatism would be the word on everyone's lips.

Using the Remotes loaned to them by Scrooby, Gary and Cindy-Mei were now putting the information being streamed to them by the recalcitrant Time Agent to good use! This entailed visiting dozens of small rural settlements around Deanna to notify individuals who had technically already long fought the coming war in Scrooby's time that they needed to report for duty – or at least, to volunteer and enlist! What made this task so fascinating, was while they had put in a whole day's effort, they had visited twenty-seven small rural communes, villages and outposts – some little better than ghost-towns, and hundreds if not thousands of kilometers apart – more or less at the same time!

It was one of the perks of the job, Mei decided – to be able to visit strange places, meet interesting people, pick them up so to speak, and then drop them off at the Grauffis Ranch, arriving perhaps a minute after she'd dropped off the last consignment of volunte

on Deanna even knew if Danielle was safe, or even still alive?

* * *

Meanwhile, at the D.R.A.'s brand spanking new Xanadu concentration camp, Colonel Francis observed his charges from one of the towers. The latest prisoner count – being fed from all three major cities on Deanna – had just passed an estimate of two thousand. The facility was big enough to hold anything up to five thousand inmates at any time, so there was some way to go yet before they reached capacity. The human body could survive without food for a month under certain conditions, but the human body could only survive without water for about three days. In roughly a week, Xanadu was going to become a much quieter place – like say, a cemetery.

That said, the inmates sitting in the hot light of Ramalama as the star slowly made its way across the sky to its mid-day zenith and then slowly began to recede towards the afternoon, had noticed their predicament. They had been given no food or water, and those who arrived were informed by those who had already been there. There were no ablution facilities and no privacy for anyone who needed to 'go'.

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