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   Chapter 41 No.41

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"People? What people?" Smythe chided him. "People in the cities? The ones occupied by the enemy? As soon as they hear about it, they'll find out where we are and wipe us all out before the ink on our enlistment forms dries!"

"There are lots of people on Deanna, sir." Gary patiently explained. "In the country between the cities. Across the plains in small settlements. Leaving the cities. Call them!"

"A recruiting station, eh?" The old man said, smiling faintly as he considered it. He was keenly aware that while the enemy may have been imported to Deanna, what they were fighting for would resonate with some locals too. While he and his new-found allies started recruiting for a loyalist army, the Republicans would doubtless soon start doing the same. It would escalate from there! Both sides would cling to power by any means necessary! This is how civil wars start! He groaned.

His bones ached from sleeping too close to the ground these days, and his eyesight wasn't quite what it was the last time he wore a Starmarine uniform – which was nearly twenty years before… but he could feel something calling him, distantly – but loud and clear as a bugle call at reveille!

War was on its way. Not just ordinary war, as if there was such a thing, but 'civil' war, whose nature was completely unlike the name implied. Civil war is an ugly business, which divided countries, governments, societies – but especially families and friends – and sometimes even whole armies. 'Civil' war was even dirtier than the other variety, and as far as Smythe was concerned, 'civil war' could be compared to a family

ward, and gawked. The – thing behind the wheel… was just awful! How unnatural! He was sure that should be on the 'undesirables' list somewhere!

"Something wrong, officer?" Fred asked innocently, keeping his cool.

"Hold on a minute." The Corporal said distractedly, reading down the list on his clipboard, moving his lips as he read. Homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, transsexuals, transvestites, effeminate males, masculine females, anyone wearing clothing inappropriate for their gender, any clergy not demonstrably of a recognized Christian denomination, individuals of mixed alien-human species and or race, non-human aliens…hmm, maybe…

He squinted at Fred. All he really wanted to think about now was his relief arriving and getting a little breakfast and some sleep – and not necessarily in that order.

"Are you a non-human alien?" He demanded.

"No, officer." Fred replied candidly. "I am a plant!"

"I see." Said the Corporal, blinking a rapidly. "Yes, I can see that!"

"I thought it was obvious, officer!" Said Fred rather brazenly.

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