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   Chapter 40 No.40

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"Good…morning." The old man replied, shading his eyes with one hand. "Wait a minute – Beck… You're Beck the Badfeller!"

"Guilty as charged, General!" Gary smiled.

"Well, well. I'll be blowed!" Said Smythe, wondering how he could have missed yet another apparent technical advancement that would allow people to be teleported so instantaneously. Boy! Those fishing trips away from civilization really cut into things, didn't they? Anyway, what could the greatest and most famous bounty hunter on Deanna want with him?

"What brings you to our neck of the woods, young man?"

"Serious business, I'm sorry to say!" Gary replied, pointing at the vacant chair beside Smythe. "May I?"

"Of course." Smythe nodded. "Have a seat! Tell me all about it!"

Gary sat down beside him. It took a little time and effort on Gary's part to explain the previous day's events to Smythe, who spent most of the time listening intently, and nodding while stroking his freshly shaved chin or thoughtfully brushing at his thin white moustache. The more he listened, and the more he thought about what Beck was telling him, the harder it became for him to assimilate! His old body began to tremble slightly, perhaps more with excitement and anger than nervousness! Smythe had never met or known Gary personally, but he knew him by his reputation.

"Okay, Mr. Beck." Smythe protested, holding up a hand to stop him just as he'd got to the part about what the fascists had planned for Deanna. "It's very nice of you to stop by – however the hell you actually did that, nice move by th

ind of. He thought, remembering that Riley had somehow, against all odds – pitched a grenade through the hatch of a life-pod they'd found floating in the river the previous week – in near darkness... And Riley was 69 years old and wore glasses as thick as armor plate! It was probably the most exciting thing to happen to them while fishing on the river in years! But he wasn't going to get into that with Beck – he was having enough drama getting the others to stop talking about it as it was!

"We need you to do this, sir!" Gary told him. "We need you to build an army! The civilian government – the legitimate government – is in exile and organizing a resistance! We've got a recruiting station already set up – all you need to do is get your veterans together, sign up volunteers, crash-course-train the ones who need training, and lead them! We'll help spread the news! The whole colony knows your name, General! All we have to do is tell people you're building an army to fight the fascists, and they will come! They'll come in droves!"

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