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   Chapter 38 No.38

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"Jenny." Gary said, interrupting the quiet banter between friends. "I've got another favor to ask."

"Gary." Jenny said, half seriously. "You and Mei have done so much for us – I couldn't refuse you a favor! What is it – do you need my left kidney?"

Mei and Gary chuckled.

"Well, " Said Gary mockingly considering her offer. "I've already eaten, so no thanks!"

A brief round of chuckles circled the table.

"What is it?" Jenny asked.

"Things are getting real – and they're going to be bad for a while." Gary began. "Unless someone stands up to these fascist scumbags, they will run the planet until Space Fleet arrives to clean it all up – which could take more than a month."

"A month doesn't sound too bad." Tracey nodded. Dory and Tim nodded agreement. We could just hide out, stay out of sight till then."

"A lot could happen in a month." Mei added. "Especially to people who can't hide. People like Danny. If you give them enough time, they will wipe out everyone they see as a threat! People like us." She looked pointedly at Dory, Tim and Jenny and Tracey in turn. "People like Mark, and Fred, and anything different and diverse."

Jenny swallowed nervously.

"What do you need?"

"To oppose them, " Mei continued, "we need to keep them distracted, too tied up in fighting us to concentrate on their ethnic cleansing project! We need an army!"

"Sure." Jenny nodded. "That's what you and the Governor talked about last night. So? I don't have one lyin' about!"

"We need to

tually looking for a ship to actually just see it by sheer chance! The big ramp was down, under the shady overhang of the rounded nose cone of the loderunner – and that was not camouflaged.

The opening into the cargo hold above was dark and empty, looking for intents and purposes like a doorway into another dimension! The hissing noise they heard echoing inside was not a monster from the underworld – it was Vic, who was using a pressure hose to blast all the collected cow pats – and other stuff he'd rather not know about, loose from the deck plating towards several drain grates in the deck. On the whole, it was looking – and smelling – a lot cleaner!

The remaining wildebeest, about twenty or so – stood huddled together around a feeding trough in a corner right at the back, looking a little lost in the vastness of the empty cargo hold. Vic shut the pressure cleaner off as they went up to her looking like they wanted to talk.

"Mornin' Boss!" She greeted in a friendly manner. "Dory!"

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