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   Chapter 37 No.37

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5780

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"There's nothing here, sir!" A trooper reported to the officer.

"Are you sure? Bins? Visitors books? Correspondence files, a memo pad by the phone?" The officer elaborated.

"Seems someone cleaned everything out before we got here!" Said another.

"Very well!" He said crisply. "Destroy everything. Burn it!"

"Yes, sir!" The troopers grinned, delighted at being unleashed to indulge in vandalism, and started kicking tables and chairs over. One picked up a bar stool and flung it full force at the fridges. The glass doors shattered, and bottles spilled out, crashing on the floor and rolling and breaking. A trooper left and came back in with a can of flammable liquid, eager to set the place ablaze.

"Now or never, Fred!" Marla whispered behind her camouflage of… Fred. She wasn't fire-proof, and she was sure Fred wasn't either!

Suddenly, Fred lunged forward and stretching his longest branches, grabbed the two nearest troopers – and smashed them together, hard! Then, releasing the two limp forms so they fell to the floor, Fred launched himself over the counter, grabbing another two extremely startled and petrified young men – including the one holding the can of flammable liquid – and flung them hard against the wall opposite! A trooper came charging round the other corner behind the bar, almost colliding with Marla – who grinned a nasty sort of grin, before kicking him hard in the midriff, sending him flying backwards the way he'd come. Four more came running from the direction of the dance floor, and quickly scooping up several unbroken bottles from the floor, she hurled them at them. With uncanny accuracy, she hit all three on their heads with comical 'clonk' sounds!

Fred closed in on the off

came ready, and the scent of yum filled the house.

Jenny was relieved that Mark had hidden himself in the basement for the time being. It wouldn't do for him to be discovered… and, smiling at the perpetual dread evoked by that thought, Jenny allowed herself to get lost in an avalanche of tender kisses in the warm kitchen.

Breakfast brunch on the Grauffis ranch was served in the late morning, as the refugees began to wake up. People were talking in low tones, seriously. Everyone was dealing with the situation in their own way. A couple of the Governor's staffers were chatting jovially on the front porch about days gone by. Mayor McCracken was staring sadly into his cooling mug of coffee where he sat, occasionally muttering something about his wife.

Jenny and Tracey meanwhile, sitting in the breakfast nook beside the kitchen, had just finished eating bacon and eggs and were sipping coffee. Sitting opposite them, were Cindy-Mei Winter and Beck the Badfeller. Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller sat beside Mei, in the corner. Sitting beside Peg, on the center bench of the little alcove, Timaset Skooch and Dory Wintermuller completed the set.

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