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   Chapter 36 No.36

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Marla sipped her cola in thoughtful silence. Fred tipped a small portion of his drink into his pot and made a relaxed 'ahhh' sound as the cool liquid filtered past his roots… which she couldn't help but find more than a little disturbing.

"I'm also not the kind of being, " Fred continued thoughtfully, "To just sit idly by, vegetating as it were, while things like this go on around me. I intend to do something about it. I'm not sure what yet, but something!"

"That's why I'm looking for Danielle." Marla explained. "She's my friend – probably the only one I've had in pff – fifty years? Sure, I have some relatives, and my people on Deanna… but this isn't something I can just walk away from!"

"Your people." Said Fred. "If I know anything about vampire communities, it's that they keep quiet, under the sensors of – what do you call them again? Mundanes? And they usually have a well-developed network…"

"It's called the Vampire Underground." Marla added. "Yea. There's one here too, and it's been here since just after the colony started. Longer than I've been here, actually."

"What do your people plan to do about this, Marla?" Fred asked, with remarkable frankness. She pondered the question. What harm could it do to confide in the alien? He already knew her kind by mere sight alone! Who would he tell? That is, who would he tell, that – if they ever believed him – hadn't first fallen over from the shock of being charged by a large shrub excitedly waving its appendages?

"Honestly, I don't know eve

y. From their hiding place, Marla watched spell-bound, as the troopers fanned out and began poking and prodding likely-looking spots. One trooper started behind the counter, his back to them, while a couple went in the direction of the small back-room office, and others started working past the tables and round to the dance floor and DJ box. The officer, who seemed fascinated by a poster advertising an upcoming drag pageant, show and competition, had his back to them.

They watched as the officer tore down the poster and crumpled it into a ball, which he dropped on the floor. He moved over to the large rainbow flag on the far wall, and with gloved hands, ripped it down as well. Joining in the spirit of destruction, a trooper at the bar counter lashed out at the plastic male torso on the counter – sending it, the cowboy hat, and feather boa flying. Then, roaring, the young man kicked the counter, which was too heavy to topple just like that – but the impact did send glasses spilling over the edges.

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