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   Chapter 32 No.32

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"I'm afraid so." Mei replied, stone-faced. "That's their solution to the 'problem' of all the 'undesirables' on the planet. To kill them."

A somber chorus of cold chills echoed in the room, like a Mexican-wave of horror. At the center of the group, Jenny's shoulders sagged. Tears began to flow down her strong face.

"Danielle!" She sobbed. "That's why she didn't come home! They've got her!"

Tracey Ferris put her arm around Jenny. Mei gave Gary a meaningful look. He nodded, and went over to Jenny and Tracey where they were sitting in a two-seater couch, with Triple-J and Vic sitting on either side, looking uncomfortable. He crouched down in front of her, took one of her hands and nodded toward the exit. She nodded, got up, and left with him. Tracey followed.

"This can't be happening!" Landry groaned, shocked, wrapping his arms around his head as it sank forward. "Just two more years 'til the next election! I was gonna retire! I didn't want it all to end this way!"

"So you see, Governor." Mei concluded. "That's why we can't just hide and wait for rescue. If we do, the fascists will have more than enough time to carry out their plan and wipe out who knows how many people? You asked for an army to retake Deanna… well, you're going to have to build one – starting with us… right here in this room!"

Landry, almost close to tears himself, raised his eyes at Mei. They reflected bewilderment, frustration, powerlessness. Futility.

"An army? With this?" He said sarcastically, gesturing round the room at all of them. "A couple of frightened old security g

crooby had said, it wouldn't be the future!

But, as Jenny's heartrending sobs sent convulsions along his arm via the hand he'd laid on her shoulder, it was also a kind of comfort Gary realized. This thing had to happen, but it would run its course, and it would end! Evil – the true evil that tears families apart and turns friends into enemies and spills the blood of innocents would have its brief selfish reign of power here, its vain, self-glorifying tenure steeped in misery and sorrow and suffering – but it would come crashing down again! That is, if they all played their parts as they should!

Evil would fall, but it would take a major effort on the part of them all to bring it crashing down in time!

It always got darkest before the storm – and right now, Gary Beck knew – things were looking very dark indeed – and there was going to be one hell of a storm!

* * *

Colonel Michael Francis, who was a former student at Atro City University, had been personally recruited by the Chancellor – that is, by Professor McMillen himself.

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