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   Chapter 31 No.31

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5227

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

"I'm sure those of you who pay any attention to politics in Parliament back on Earth, will know exactly who the TNP are, and what they represent?"

"They're scum!" Landry said, angrily. "Racists and xenophobes of the lowest order!"

"Exactly!" Mei nodded. "Although their party has existed for many years now, they have never grown beyond being a very small party – and in fact, they have lost considerable influence in the three most recent elections! Considering the Terran government's low tolerance for bigotry and xenophobia – which appears to be in keeping with the majority of Terran opinion polls, they are unlikely to ever regain what they have lost! To cut to the chase, this move of theirs is part of a last-ditch effort for them to establish their own independent republic!"

"But how could they do this?" Peg asked. "It must've cost them zillions! If they're so small I mean?"

"The TNP are a small party, yes." Mei replied, "But aside from various small nationalist, xenophobic and religious fundamentalist groups on several colonies, they represent mainly the interests of the small wealthy and powerful elite funding them!"

"Ms. Winter!" Landry interrupted, "Did someone on Deanna bring them here? Or did they just randomly choose Deanna out of all similar colonies out on the fringe? I mean, if they wanted to their own colony, why not just start their own? Isn't that what the Corsairs did?"

"Someone did." She replied truthfully. "A professor at the university – James McMillen! He's been a supporter of the TNP since his student days.

What d'you mean? It's over. Nothing we can do now but wait for the Space Fleet to come in and rescue us!"

"No, sir!" Mei said firmly. "It will be almost a month before Space Fleet will be able to react to this crisis! In the meantime, the D.R.A. has already started separating 'undesirables' from the general population!

Yesterday after the parade, Lupini Square was cordoned off by their troops, and all aliens, and people they disapprove of, were taken into custody."

"People?" Landry repeated. "What sort of people?"

"Jim-waians, for one!" Mei continued. "Any non-humans they can find. One of the things the TNP is infamous for is being notoriously humano-centric. As for Humans, they detest feminists, gays, lesbians, transgender people, atheists – in fact, anyone who they feel offends their conservative mindsets!" Another hushed silence reigned in the Grauffis homestead. "I imagine they are going to put a lot of Deannans into the concentration camps they've built!"

"Con…what?" Timaset Skooch said aloud, incredulous.

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