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   Chapter 30 No.30

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5313

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Marla De Bris, who had spent most of the night in a tiny berth in the basement of the Atro City Blood Bank, sucking on an I.V. tube at the bottom of a bag of O+ like it was a straw, to satisfy her gnawing hunger, did not think it very comforting.

Basically, it said 'we've taken over – just let us, and don't worry about it' and 'if you do worry about it, we'll give you something to worry about!'

Marla had spent much of the night pondering her assignment, considering her options, reading through the small package of notes she'd been given, wondering where or how she was going to find Governor Landry. After all, if the D.R.A. and its occupying force had taken the Palace without finding them, how was she going to do that? It seemed unlikely that she would find the Governor and his entire staff hiding in a cellar somewhere in Atro City! The logical conclusion was that they had tried to get out of the city. Whether or not they'd made it, was another matter entirely – but since the fascists were still looking for them, it was a possibility.

What was even more worrying to Marla than her assignment, was her friend Danielle's fate. Had she been taken prisoner? If she had, then she was going to be in for a very tough time! Had she somehow slipped out of the city – gone home to her sister perhaps? Who did Danielle know that knew where she lived outside Atro City? The only name she could come up with, was Fred – the quirky Arborian barman at The Slipped Disk.

It seemed to Marla, that the best way she could attend to her mission, was to get out of the city and start loo

in the Palace? It was agreed earlier that it didn't matter what the Governor, the Mayors and their staff thought they knew – as long as they listened.

"Morning." Mei said. "I know you're all tired. We are too, so let's get through this as quickly as possible, so we can get some rest!

Yesterday a force of ten thousand revolutionaries took control of Deanna. I know it was a big shock to the people of this colony – and also to all of you, as it was to us! This did not, however, happen overnight! Over the last two years or more, a clandestine organization with massive funding and high-level political support from right wing groups across the Empire have collaborated in recruiting and smuggling their operatives here!

The Deannan Republican Army is the militarized wing of the Deannan Service League – which incidentally is another front organization for Vector Enterprises – an illegal covert commercial subsidiary of the Terran Nationalist Party, based on Earth!"

There was a sudden gasp from Landry, who seemed to have turned slightly pale.

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