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   Chapter 29 No.29

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5274

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

"Am…what? Ambusulance?" She read, squinting. "What the -"

The back doors opened from the inside, and a group of disheveled, tired-looking people started climbing down. Some of them were yawning and blinking like – well, like she had just been! From the little window in the front door, an astonished Jenny thought she recognized some of their faces – from the news media of course.

"Mayor McCracken?" She murmured in astonishment. "Governor Landry! Mayor Barthoff? Peg too? What the hell's goin' on?"

She reached out to open the door, pausing as she remembered the blaster, and then stuck it in the back of her pants before going outside. By the time she was out on the porch, the small group of people – some of whom she hadn't recognized at all, were looking at her expectantly. Peg had found an old blanket and had wrapped it around her shoulders.

"Hello?" Jenny called, unsure of what to expect. "Can I help you?"

"Got any coffee?" Called a familiar voice from the front end of the Ambusulance.

"Gary?" Jenny squinted at the figure that seemed to be stretching its limbs. "That you?"

"In the flesh!" Grinned Gary Beck, joined by another familiar face.

"Cindy-Mei!" Jenny smiled as her unexpected guests approached the porch steps. "Where'd you guys come from? And – er, all o'yer?"

"From the city!" Said Mei as a dull, distant approaching roar announced the imminent arrival of the Celeste. "What a mess!"

"What's that?" Jenny asked, looking skyward. The false dawn was already showing in the night sky, and the moons – er, moon was low. Where was

lllllp!" He shouted, and banged and kicked against the closet door as furiously as he could. The door suddenly opened, and bright, blinding light flooded in. Despite hating his surroundings, he found himself shrinking back deeper into the closet, making funny squeaking noises and staring madly at the indistinct figure framed by the outline of the opening.

"Chancellor?" A surprised voice coming from a face not actually belonging to a giant furry quadruped, called out. "What the heck are you doing in there, sir?"

"Stahp… staring at me like an idiot, Carver – and… GET – ME – THE – HELL – OUTTA – HERE!"

* * *

At 6am sharp, the local radio station – now under new management, broadcast a new message from the D.R.A., read by General Clayne – telling the citizens of Deanna not to concern themselves with politics any further, and that everything for the moment was 'under control'. The curfew was immediately suspended, he said, on condition that everyone went about their daily business routines as normal, and didn't make any trouble.

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