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   Chapter 28 No.28

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5863

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There were times when Krant was forced to face the harsh reality of the situation he'd got himself into, and this was very much one of them! This organization was more than a little college group or society, gathering in beer halls to drink and party and debate politics, or philosophize over the wisdom and practice of eugenics, and to plot revolutions together. In practice it was a very different animal he had climbed and mounted – it played for keeps, and it had always said it would! If he weren't careful, it would turn around and bite him, or throw him off and trample him!

A bead of sweat trickled down his face, as from below, he heard a volley of muffled shots ring out.

* * *

Meanwhile, in Deanna orbit, things on the three D.R.A. warships – which had for several hours drifted close together and occasionally collided with each other, had just about played themselves out. The crews of the three ships had more or less survived the ordeal of being passionately near-mauled by their uninvited guests, and had begun to recover.

On Angel One, the first victim of the Celeste's cunning strategy, Brandon Carver had proved himself very useful indeed – especially to Brandon Carver.

After realizing what had been happening on the ship, he'd risked his own neck (in an effort to save it) by leaving the safety of his cabin, and making the short but incredibly perilous journey to the ship's transmatter chamber. He wasn't sure where all these rampaging red-horned wildebeest had come from exactly, but it was obvious to him how they got aboard.

That said, while the large ungainly and very horny creatures were inflicting maximum damage on the bridge and engine room, he made his way to the transmatter room – without stepping into cow

f night, not unless there was some kind of dire emergency! Once in a night was rare… but twice? Even then, they didn't drive in the dark without headlights! Given the circumstances – that is, considering the revolution underway in the city, Jenny had been relieved to be living out in the country. Someone arriving this loudly, this early – and suspiciously couldn't mean anything good. Could it?

Tracey was fast asleep. Without waking her, she tumbled out of bed and hastily dragged on the previous day's clothes again before groggily stomping barefoot down the wooden stairs, making for the front door. Thinking twice about it, she turned sharply and headed over to the fireplace in the lounge to grab the blaster on the mantelpiece, before heading for the door again.

A blast of airbrakes outside told her it was a big vehicle. By the time she reached the door and peered through the curtain over the small window in the top, the big vehicle had already slowed, pulled up and stopped outside. It looked like a – bus? No wait, was it a truck? She wasn't sure. Blinking, still half-asleep, she saw it was white, and spotted the large red medic-cross on the side.

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