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   Chapter 27 No.27

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The small TV – and radio in the kitchen were both on at low volume. As of the previous day when everything went pear-shaped in the city, both seemed to have been taken over by D.R.A. staffers. The program content had changed markedly, and on the radio, certain songs had simply stopped being played, presumably having been added to some kind of black list. There had been no news, other than a repeat broadcast of some fella making a speech declaring martial law and a 24-hour curfew across all cities on Deanna.

When she opened the front door, she saw a hover-bike powering along the last stretch of yard up to the porch, where the rider stopped and cut the engine. In the dim porch light, it took a moment for her to recognize her unexpected guest from a few days before – Tracey Ferris! She certainly looked…interesting! She had a weapon slung across her back – some kind of blaster. Black stretch jeans, and a sleeveless top accentuated her thin waist and curves in a way she'd never really thought about before as…attractive?

"Hi!" Tracey waved, and smiled. "Sorry if I woke you!"

"It's okay. I wasn't sleeping anyway. Not really." Jenny replied, feeling a little awkward for some reason hard to identify. "I was hoping it was my little sister… she's at the university in the city. Haven't heard anything from her in days!"

An awkward moment of silence lingered between them as they stood there, staring at each other, becoming uncomfortable. Breaking it at last, Tracey climbed off the hover-bike.

"I take it you didn't crash again?" Jenny said, moving closer to the edge of the porch stairs – referring to their f

ough – the same ship then went on to somehow disable all three of the D.R.A.'s brand new warships! The performance of the three warships in orbit, in that they had failed completely to deal with one simple little loderunner, was perhaps best described as 'farcical'. It was simply too shocking to accept – and this developing situation had the makings of being a huge setback for them!

There was still no response from any of their ships, and for all intents and purposes, their forces were blind and deaf on Deanna, unable to receive any scans or satellite images of the surface of the planet from orbit – nor were their forces able to communicate with each other!

Sergeant-major Krant stood quietly to one side of the large holographic display table in the room, thinking it best to not draw any of the General's ire onto himself. After all, a few minutes ago, a very pale and trembling lieutenant had just been physically dragged from the room, to be shot immediately by a firing squad – on the orders of the red-faced supreme commander he was currently alone in the room with!

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