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   Chapter 26 No.26

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5445

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The hysterical Lieutenant blabbered some gibberish about a break-in at the space port, which the Lieutenant hadn't thought was worth waking up Krant for – but which ended up turning into a five alarm train smash! It had all started when a loderunner parked at the space port powered up and smashed down a whole wing of the space port terminal building to escape, while evading their very cunningly placed shield, on its way to orbit! Still not thinking this would be bad enough to bother Krant with, the Lieutenant had dutifully noted the time and details in his Occurrence Book, and then contacted Angel One in orbit above Atro City, to inform them of the escaped ship! Things got a little foggy after that, both for the Lieutenant, and for Krant – who had just delivered a resounding slap to the man's face to get him to snap the hell out of it!

"Pull yourself together, man!" Krant shouted red-faced, still half-way undressed and wearing only pieces of uniform. "So Angel One has been disabled?"

"Yes!" The Lieutenant quavered, not daring to reprimand this staunch and powerful warrant officer for assaulting a superior. "No! I mean, all three of them!"

"All… three… ships?" The terrible Krant repeated incredulously. "What do you mean all three of them? You do realize the Chancellor is on one of those ships? Has there been any word from the Chancellor?" He bellowed.

"They're not responding!" The shaken officer replied, shrugging. "All three of them are right above us, not moving, and the only thing we're getting from them is their distress beacons!"

"What the hell happened up there?" Krant growled, his beady

e would go find out for herself!

It felt like she'd only just dropped off to sleep, when she was awakened by the distant sound of a vehicle traveling the short dirt-road that led from the highway to right outside the ranch house. It sounded like a bike, of sorts.

She got out of her warm bed, quickly dressing in the previous day's clothes that lay on the floor, and went downstairs hoping that Danielle had found a way out of the city!

Mark, aka Marsh'k Kluss'ta, former commander of a Ruminarii vessel destroyed while bombing Atro City just a few years previously – and presently occupying the basement at the Grauffis residence, was still downstairs in the kitchen, tidying up – or reading more recipe books to torture her with. He kept odd hours, and whenever he wasn't doing chores relating to housekeeping, the tall biped reptilian pretty much kept to himself – whether in the basement, or in the kitchen above it. He wasn't going to answer the door either, being a de facto illegal alien who really didn't want to get seen by anyone not in the "Mark Conspiracy" circle.

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