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   Chapter 24 No.24

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5352

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

"Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!" Jemima began screeching in terror from the bedroom upstairs. "Freeeeeeeeeeeeyeeee!"

"I'se a commin', Jemima!" He shrieked. "I'se a commin'!"

The shuddering suddenly intensified, and was accompanied by a growing rumble. Then the nerve-rending sound of crashing, splintering timber and building materials announced the arrival of imminent doom! When it had passed, some moments later – after he had taken cover, a trembling Frey Mc Goughan, hugging his blaster like a teddy bear, slowly stood up from where he had crouched behind the side-rail of the staircase – and stared wide-eyed at the huge round hole where his front lounge wall had been! Through the hole, across the barnyard, he could make out a flattened lump resembling a giant wing nut which had just been his tractor! He could see his barn too and – he realized with a shock, squinting – right through it!

Craning his neck and pointing the flashlight to look in the opposite direction, he saw the matching hole in the back wall – and the tree line behind the horse paddock out back! He heard a few nervous horses whinnying and puffing anxiously in the distance. A jagged shallow trench that ran between both holes through the floor, was littered with crushed and smashed belongings, and roof tiles, beams and bits of ceiling! He gawked as he realized he could see the stars where that part of the roof now wasn't! Out back, he saw the trail of destruction that marked the passing of whatever it was, lit by moonlight.

"Freeee-hey-hey!" Jemima Mc Goughan screeched again, her cry ending in a sob. The heart-rendi

ease search -?"

"Hang on a sec, Corporal!" Said the first private interrupting, looking into the darkness. "Hear something?"

"Yeah!" Said the second and third talking privates together.

"Hey – what's that over there?" The first private asked, squinting. They all looked where he was pointing. Squinting, Tracey wondered what it was all about – but to be honest, she had more important things to worry about at that moment – like when to spring her surprise attack on these four amateurs. Now seemed like a pretty good time – except, just as she was about to spring her surprise attack, she saw it too!

In the darkness beyond the still lit city limits, something was reflecting the city lights – and seemed to be moving closer rapidly! At first it looked like just a bright light, but, as it came closer – glinting, it shone more brightly with the light of the portable light tower standing behind the Jeepo! The mysterious object bobbed higher and lower, seemingly following the mildly undulating terrain, very quickly coming closer and getting brighter!

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