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   Chapter 23 No.23

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5407

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"Well, shit! There goes Ding again!" said Timaset Skooch cheerfully, as they watched the small platinum orb about fifty feet in diameter begin another downward plunge toward Deanna's surface.

* * *

At about the same time, the Ambusulance, had reached the highway to San Fedora, and was making its way towards the place where Johanathan Scrooby had told Gary their passengers needed to be in order to maintain the timeline – a small ranch outside of town. Gary knew the place. It was a lot easier going now they were on the open road. The nice thing about having knowledge nobody else had, was – well, knowing when and where it was going to be safe! He was getting tired though – it had been a long day. Mei yawned. For instance, he thought, right now, it was safe to drive along this part of the road, without the risk of being spotted by the fascist's eyes in the sky! He grinned. Right about now, all three ships had their hands full! And, speaking of which…

"Almost time to make that call!" Gary said to Mei, who was just about to yawn again. She took out her Remote, and accessed the necessary communications function.

* * *

Somewhere near Skeggs Valley, on the outskirts of Atro City, a tall scraggy hilltop – which looked a spire of tall, thin rock from one side, and a fat cow-pat from another – did its best to claw marks into the night sky. This was Broken Hill – an ugly, bare outcrop of rock that had no real use or function at all, except perhaps to pose for passing tourists as they sped by on a main road barely within eyeshot of it. The best thing it could do – the best it had ever done, was

rrified Jemima behind, dutifully cowering under a quilt in a dark bedroom.

Frey heard nothing more than his own breathing and movements as he made his way through the house to check the front door, the back door, and the windows. All seemed to be in place. He saw nothing moving outside in the yard, either front or back. He couldn't see any sign of a storm either. It was early morning and pitch dark, and he was still asleep on his feet.

"Urr." Frey groaned alone in the dark. He would go back to bed and check outside in the morning. Perhaps, come daylight, he would get his farm-hands together with their guns and his truck and go looking for one of them dirty good-fer-nuthin' alien fellers wanderin' about the side-roads and have a good ol' fashioned neck-tie party! That always made him feel safer!

"Urr!" Frey grinned at that thought, feeling pleased with himself. Just then, the stairs under his feet began to shudder as he climbed them! He froze, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the bannister in one hand and the blaster and flashlight in the other.

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