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   Chapter 21 No.21

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5698

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

"How… bloody absurd!" He muttered irritated, turning over. "Damn paramilitary types! No consideration, mumble, mumble!"

Then he heard more shouting, but this time it sounded more urgent – like actual screaming, followed by pounding footsteps that gave him a full range of stereo as the culprits ran past his door! He lay still, almost afraid to breathe, and listened! A moment later, the bed started vibrating under him, to the beat of many heavy, pounding footsteps, and something that sounded like big rolled up carpets being beaten against the bulkheads of the corridor! He turned on the bed lamp and sat up in bed, listening… Then, scratching his goatee, he wondered whether it was worth the trouble to get dressed and hunt down somebody to frighten, complain to – or possibly both!

It was only when he heard the ship's alarm start blaring – almost drowned out by the pounding and – was that bleating? Mooing? – that McMillen realized there was actually a serious problem!

He jumped out of bed in his night-shirt, put on his slippers and hurried to the front door of his cabin. Hesitantly, he put his ear to the cold metal surface and listened while the din just seemed to be fading. Puzzled, he touched the door release at the side, and the door opened.

The hallway seemed deserted, but as he cautiously stuck his head out the door to look around, he saw traces of something having passed that way... something big and bulky… that had left grime and dirt – and a mess of grimy hoof-prints all over the shiny floor and bulkheads – and a terrible pong suddenly assaulted his delicate sense of smell! Feces had somehow been smeared – well, on pretty much everything! He pulled up the hem of his

to mate with each other? Or the first thing they happened to see – which could be you if you were that unlucky! This is was why Vic had been giving them sedatives in the cargo hold – where they were more or less harmless… but removed from there, and transmattered into narrow passages and select areas – such as engine room, transmatter and bridge for instance – aboard a starship? 'Standing room only' had nothing on it! It would be like throwing a kitten into a mosh-pit in the middle of a dancing frenzy – or rather, throwing the mosh-pit at a defenseless kitten!

Timaset Skooch grinned so broadly he felt like he should grow a thin moustache, wear a top hat and tails and go 'nya-ha-ha!' He almost felt a swell of pity for the crew on the other ship! Almost! Red-horned wildebeest couldn't exactly 'rape' humans – hell, they had a hard enough time being mated with their own kind, which sometimes involved a crane or a fork-lift, a process which breeders called 'bovine tetris' – but they could certainly pummel any unlucky biped they came across during 'must' to the extent that they might long for a little sweet, gentle death.

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