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   Chapter 20 No.20

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5237

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"Aye, sir!"

"Should I wake the Chancellor, sir?" the Midshipman asked, still at his elbow, holding his coffee mug. It was in the wee hours of the night, and he didn't want McMillen leering over his shoulder – the man made him nervous!

"No, don't bother him!" Bates replied dismissively. "This is a minor problem, we'll have it all wrapped up before Horton wakes him for breakfast!"

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Celeste, the intrepid crew had noticed the little gray-red speck growing larger.

"What's their game?" Deire asked. "Comin' in to land?"

"They're makin' straight fer us!" Bubba said, veering Celeste slightly off to starboard.

"Garn!" Deire exclaimed. The speck, now clearly a ship, changed course to match. Bubba turned Celeste back to port. Again, the ship changed course to match, drawing closer until it became a gray-red triangular ship. Suddenly a high-energy plasma laser beam flashed across their bow! Bubba hit the retro-thrusters and Celeste screeched to a halt as if she was a big-rig truck and he'd stomped hard on the brakes!

Below, in the cargo hold, Vic picked herself up off the deck grid and dusted herself off. Leaving the agitated bleating and mooing cargo to its own devices, she stomped all the way to the bridge – arriving just in time to see the strange ship's front end almost filling the view screen, and to hear Deire and Bubba ask Timaset Skooch in unison:

"What do we do now?"

"Two things I'm grateful for!" Vic interrupted. "One – none of the extremely agitated and very, very horny red-horned wilderbee

lly horny!"

"I see." Tim mused.

"Energetic!" Said Bubba.

"Frisky!" Said Deire pensively. "Verrry frisky!"

"You got an idea, Mr. Skooch?" Bubba asked. "Jonn, he looks like he's got an idea!"

"Call me Tim, Bubba." Tim said. Down below, the 'beests were sounding either in a panic or very, extremely, desperately horny. "Yea, I do!"

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Vic grinned.

"Pity we don't have any Florpavian Flamebirds handy!" Tim grinned back "– but I guess the red-horny – er, red-horned wilderbeest will have to do!"

* * *

James Eregut McMillen, formerly a Professor at Atro City University, now soon to become Chancellor in situ of the Republic of Deanna, awoke. He'd just been in the middle of a very pleasant dream, which involved a sauceboat and very sharp cutlery. At first, as he lay in the dark of his cabin, illuminated only by the stars, and the Ramalama light reflected from Deanna's sphere, he wasn't sure what had awoken him. Then he heard shouting coming from the corridor outside his cabin door!

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