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   Chapter 14 No.14

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"Yes?" Marla blinked. Where was she going with this?

"The leaders of Deannan society have escaped." Melissa Scarr summarized. "General Clayne has been overheard only hours ago expressing concerns that they have escaped with the intention of forming a resistance – perhaps even a loyalist militia!"


"We would like you to find them, Ms. De Bris, and when you do – we want you to open negotiations with them on our behalf!"

"Me? Find them?"

"Yes." Ms. Scarr confirmed. "You're not hard of hearing, are you Ms. De Bris? Not with vampire ears that could detect a mouse fart three miles away, I take it?"

To say Marla was surprised would be an understatement of note! When the Council asked something of you as a vampire, it was considered very rude to refuse – and unwise!

"Nothing wrong with my hearing – but what on Deanna makes you think me capable of such a feat?" Marla asked, respectfully.

"The twelve years you spent working as a field agent for the EID?" Melissa Scarr smiled at her like the cat after eating a very tasty canary – perhaps one seasoned with chip spice? So they had a file on her and knew some of her history! That had been a long time ago!

"Okay, well – aside from that!" Marla smiled back. "That was a hundred and seventy years ago, ma'am – before it became the Colonial Intelligence Agency!"

Perhaps Melissa Scar had misread the feeling of irritation and disappointment that flashed across Marla's face for doubt?

"Yet you got here unscathed, past their patrols! In day

* * *

Timaset Skooch goggled. Aside from the point that he hadn't been transmattered anywhere recently, this was totally unexpected and something of a surprise! Where the hell was he? He seemed to be facing a dull gray wall that curved away at both ends, around him…

"What the…?" He began, turning. Dory was standing just behind him, looking just as confused, and there was a transmatter console in the center of the floor… of what looked like a room on a ship – but not just any ship!

Behind the console, smiling, stood a man with a familiar, friendly face. Tim recognized Jonn Deire – who aside from being named after a kind of motorized farm implement, was a big old guy who didn't like jokes about his name much! But it was then that the penny dropped! Trying not to panic, Tim frantically started patting himself down and did a stock-take of all his limbs and appendages – yup, he was all there! Then, almost hysterically, he looked the puzzled Dory up and down – yup, she seemed to be all there too!

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