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   Chapter 13 No.13

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5513

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Angry and bitter, but in the cold, pensive silent way that only a 205 year old teenager could be, Marla De Bris sat in a waiting room outside the Director's office on the top floor. The view through the windows was uninteresting to say the least. Atro City on a good day – or night, was a pleasant sight – but Atro City under the current set of circumstances, under the iron rule of a fascist revolutionary army? No, the dark skyline outside was foreboding and sinister, troubling. Marla's thoughts dwelt on her missing friend Danielle. There was only one reason she couldn't be found, only one reason Marla could think of. She'd been detained and arrested at Lupini Square! That being the likely case, a million things were running through her mind with sharp, razor-like claws!

The door opened at last, and Vernon Carridene, an Elder and family friend, stuck his head out to look for her.

"Marla?" He called. "Would you come in, please?"

She rose silently, dropping an unread copy of Deanna Weekly on the bench seat as she went to the door. Uncle Vernon, who reminded her a little of a caricature of Bella Lugosi because of his pasty black hairstyle, showed her past the vacant desk opposite the door to a seat at the nearest end of a small rectangular conference table in the rectangular office. There were bookshelves all around the room, and no windows. Duh. She thought.

An assortment of Elders sat around the table – not that they all looked elderly! Marla knew very well that Melissa Scarr, who was the elegant and beautiful lady seated at the head of the table – the one with the platinum blonde streaks in her jet black hair and loo

into context, we can only fear the worst!"

Noticing an uneasy silent pause, Marla sensed that something was required from her.

"Er. The worst?"

"Yes, Ms. De Bris." Melissa Scarr smiled. "War. Genocide. All the things that made the 20th century so memorable in history class!"

"Ah." Marla sighed, almost imperceptibly. That worst.

"Even more disturbing, we have learned that the leaders of this organization are aware of our community as well! I trust the implications of this are not lost on you?"

They weren't. Marla swallowed. It meant it wouldn't be long before the men in gray camo uniforms who had rounded up aliens and gay people on the Square, came looking for them too!

"Why are you telling me all this?" Marla asked pointedly. "I'm nobody in the VC. I haven't even attended a meeting or a community AGM since I arrived here thirty years ago!"

"When the fascist troops stormed the planetary governor's palace yesterday, everyone inside had already mysteriously vanished! The Governor, the Sheriff, the mayors of Atro City and San Fedora, and all the staff – 'poof'!"

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