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   Chapter 12 No.12

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5655

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Pulling out all the stops, Tim gunned the throttle. With the back wheels spinning, he backed the Jeepo down the short stretch of alley back into the main road, into a left-turn, and floored it!

They just needed to get into the space port! Once inside they could find a ship – any damned ship – get off Deanna and make a run for open space! All that stood in their way was a chain-link fence around the complex and a few guards – and he was damned if he was going to let that put him off!

"Hold on!" He cried, steering the Jeepo toward the broad, grassy sidewalks that stretched around the outside of the perimeter fences. The vehicle bounced lightly up the kerb, and careened up the shallow incline towards the outside fence! They tore through the first fence, and then the second, and the third, before careening onto the dark tarmac of Atro City Space Port! Tim directed the Jeepo into the mass of large indistinct shapes in the dark that were parked loderunners, and weaved between them this way and that a few times, before turning off the headlights and stopping under a random ship. Tim started climbing out, grabbing the pulse-rifle by the muzzle.

"Come on Dory!" He urged his partner in crime. She got out and Tim reached under the driver seat for the Jeepo's toolbox – which he wedged onto the accelerator. The Jeepo took off like a shot! Tim and Dory took cover behind the nearest landing skid of the loderunner they were under. Just then, another Jeepo passed by at speed – in hot pursuit. Moments later, they heard the whoosh-whoosh-whoosh of rapid pulse-rifle fire not far enough away – then a loud crash… more firing, a loud bang – and some shouting! A fire lit up the tarm

er them during the daylight hours. For vampires, shade was always important. Vampires didn't go 'poof' in sunlight, not exactly, but their eyes were sensitive to UV rays – as was their skin.

It should go without saying, that the Blood Bank served the needs of all the inhabitants of the city, and not necessarily all in the same way. It gave credence to a very old joke that some people would come to the facility to make deposits – while others would come to make withdrawals.

The Blood Bank was a type of clinic facility – people came to donate blood, which was processed and supplied to the Atro City General Hospital, as well as several smaller hospitals, including the one in San Fedora. As with most blood banks, it also formed a vital link in the distribution network that kept the local vampire community well fed and not on the streets, hunting. It was also, perhaps predictably, Marla thought, an intrinsic part of Deanna's Vampire Underground.

After having failed to bring Danielle to safety as intended earlier the previous afternoon, Marla had come here. There was really nothing else she could have done.

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