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   Chapter 11 No.11

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Referring to their Remotes, Gary and Mei worked as a team to judge what needed to be done to avoid the patrols, and Gary would slow the vehicle or speed it up, or even stop for a moment. In this sense, timing really would mean everything in order to safely slip past their enemies and get out of the city!

"Probably just as well this thing doesn't have windows at the back!" He grinned at Mei.

"I'll say!" Mei grinned back. Doubtless, Peg – sitting at the back of the bus – was trying to work out how they were managing this! If the passengers saw how close their narrow-misses of fascist patrols were in the past few minutes, it might have caused a panic!

* * *

Timaset Skooch and Dory had come to a standstill in an alley just off the big broad road around the space port – which had seemed clear enough at the time – before the Jeepo-full of troopers came around a corner unexpectedly behind them, and caught them in their headlights! The electric vehicle came to a halt almost silently behind them, and the driver and three troopers that had been riding on the back jumped off, weapons at the ready!

"Hold it!" "Freeze!" "Halt!" "Don't make a move!" The four ordered all at once, waving dangerous-looking sonic-pulse rifles all over the place, and rushing at them. The closest guy – a fresh-faced kid in a dark gray urban-camouflage uniform, leered at him from under his black helmet – coming quite close to Tim, who was looking every which way for an out!

"Oh, fuck it!" Tim

would bring more patrols to investigate! If they were still going to make a break for it, the time was now! But what would he do with these two?

"Better get running!" Tim ordered the two troopers. "Move! Before I change my mind!"

Without a word, the two young troopers turned and fled down the alley back to the main road, their boots pounding a disjointed rhythm, while Tim dumped the rifle onto the front seats. He looked over at Dory, who was still frozen to the spot, looking at him.

"Dory!" He called. She looked at him, ashen-faced and frightened. "We have to go, sweetheart!"

Pausing to eject and pocket the power packs from two of the fallen weapons, he rushed over to her, and gripped her gently by the shoulders.

"The noise will have tipped them off! More will come!" He said as calmly as he could, as her eyes locked onto his. "We've got to go now!"

She nodded, and went with him silently to the vehicle, clambering into the passenger seat while he took the wheel.

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